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Effective Emergency Homemade Aids to Accidental Burns and Blisters

by | May 6, 2019

Please note: Although these emergency homemade aids are quite tried and tested, these are by no means replacements for medical aids. In case of severe burns please head to the emergency room as soon as possible. These remedies are only for minor burns caused by minor accidents around the house.

If you happen to lately hold a record of quite some unwanted (and unconscious) interactions with common hot objects like oven coil or simply a hot utensil, you should read this post. Accidental burns do happen, and it can lead to blisters if not attended immediately. Here’re a few proven emergency homemade aids that can give instant relief and may even prevent blisters and burn marks. Read on to know more.

Emergency Homemade Aids
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Effective Emergency Homemade Aids to Accidental Burns and Blisters

Accidental burns sneak into life at the heck of times you don’t expect. They come not only to you but kids as well. It can come to anybody. So there is every justification you should know some good and effective (natural) remedies to accidental burns that will attest suffice you until you get proper medical attention. And for some minor ones, such remedies often do. It is one thing that you can’t totally avert accidents (of course you’ll stay alert at all times, but sometimes it is not your fault), nonetheless to know certain ways to instantly mask the mishap comes really handy at times.

Here’re five great remedies to give yourself, and someone in need, the instant relief from an accidental burn and prevent forming blisters.

Before you Proceed

Although these emergency homemade aids are quite tried and tested, these are by no means replacements for medical aids, nor do they claim any recovery for burns that are severe. You being utmost cautious around hot objects (in the first place) and these home remedies (in case of emergency) are just for instant aid so that you get some relief and prevent further damage before you’re able to access proper medical aid. Do note that for minor burns, before any of these remedies, wash the area with plenty of cold water. This will aid in faster recovery.

1. Coconut Oil and Diluted Slaked Lime

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Coconut oil is in itself is a soothing liquid and let alone its other exceptional qualities. Slaked lime is calcium hydroxide, an odorless and white material made of calcium. Both of them make an excellent burn recovery. Therefore it is suggested to keep these handy. For slaked lime, you can soak a chunk (or powder) of it in some water and allow it to settle and mix with the water into a milky mixture.

How to do?

Once you contact any hot object accidentally, find a bottle of coconut oil and immediately pour out some and apply the same on the freshly burnt spot on your skin. Instantly as you apply the oil, using your palm pour the slaked lime water and gently pat the area (do not apply slaked lime directly). By now you should get some relief and the burn shouldn’t leave any blister.

2. Mustard Oil and Salt

A magic ingredient you’ll find in every single Indian (maybe others as well) household is the golden mustard oil. Not only the oil is hugely used for cooking, but it also has some amazing medicinal properties as well. Like here we’ll be using the oil coupled with salt to soothe a burn.

How to do?

In all cases, please remember one thing, just the moment after the burn, the faster you get these remedies, the higher the chances of relief and skipping the blister will be. Here again, as soon as you burn your skin, rush and get hands on some mustard oil and instantly apply on the burned skin. Pat the skin and within seconds put a good amount of common table salt on the oil and pat again. Do not rub after applying the salt and don’t cover the area. The oil should be enough, like in nearly dripping quantity. Wash it off after 30-45 minutes.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

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Doesn’t matter if it is bought from the market or your backyard, get some aloe vera gel and apply a thin layer on the burnt spot. Just make sure the gel is in its purest form if you’re grabbing from the supermarket.

How to do?

If you’ve got the plant, cut the succulent leaf and press the slimy part on the burn, gently and directly. Aloe Vera’s soothing and cooling properties help in pain management, preventing blisters. Keep repeating until you are getting proper medical help.

4. Powdered Oatmeal Paste

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Powdered oatmeal is finely crushed oats kernels. They can be pretty helpful at times of burns and prevent itching skin in there.

How to do?

Simply mix the oatmeal powder with water into a thick paste and apply on the burn. Let it dry and then you can wipe it off. If the burn is difficult to reach you can soak/plunge yourself in a tub full of oatmeal water to soothe.


Vinegar has some powerful antibacterial properties (thanks to acetic acid) which might help avert burn-related infections as you apply. It can also give you some relief from burning sensation.

How to do?

Put some vinegar in a cotton pad or any soft cloth and gently rub on the wound. You don’t want to irritate the skin, hence don’t rub vigorously.

Here you’re standing enlightened with some handy remedies to prevent painful blisters from minor burns. Please do note that there are different levels of burn affecting different levels of the epidermis. All these remedies are great from minor burns and a quick first-aid. But for severe ones you’ve got to visit doctor ASPA. We wish you never have to use these remedies, but then again if at all; they should be of help. Have you tried any of these emergency homemade aids before? Let me know in comments below.

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