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Kat Von D Beauty Launches 100% Vegan Mascara Powered by Plant-Based Oils

by | April 26, 2019

Showstopping blink, coming right up: Kat Von D Beauty’s “Go Big or Go Home” mascara ditches the conventionally used beeswax in place of plant-based oils, making the revolutionary new product 100% vegan and similarly efficacious. The product is the vegan entrepreneur’s first mascara launch in five years, starring Jackie Cruz as the product’s global ambassador. Learn more about it below.

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Kat Von D Beauty Launched 100% Vegan Mascara Powered by Plant-Based Oils

The latest addition to the company’s product line-up is a vegan volume mascara. Whereas many mascaras in the market utilize beeswax to give texture, this product proves otherwise by using plant-based oils instead of beeswax in its formulation.

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Go Big or Go Home, as the branding on the product goes, is claimed to be an “extreme volume” vegan mascara that will stay for long and is powered by plant-based fats.

“The result: mega volume and intense black lashes that last and last – no smudges, flakes or clumps (no matter how many layers you apply)!,” according to the company’s press release.

A Fully Vegan Formula

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Kat Von D’s Go Big or Go Home mascara contains a vegan mix of waxes derived from olive and sunflower oils, both of which act as the base for the “extreme vegan volume” product. The company’s vice president for product development Nancy McGuire told Glamour that they’ve, “paid particular attention to the ‘weight’ of the formula.” The formula paired with the “signature fluff brush” promises fluffy, full, and intense coverage, further implying the product will stay as it is throughout the day.

The product has been on sale since April 19th at a price of $23 from Sephora and the company’s website. Kat Von D, launched in 2008, is a vegan makeup brand and the makers of award-winning vegan beauty products such as Tattoo Liner and Lock-It Foundation, all of which are cruelty-free. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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