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Chatting with NY based 100% Vegan Wellness Brand Pursoma

by | May 26, 2019

Founded by former model Shannon Vaughn in 2011, after being faced with two significant health crises, vegan wellness brand Pursoma was born out of a journey to bring alternative holistic healing medicines to others in the form of self-care. The brand is dedicated to wellness by detoxification and Shannon herself spends the time sourcing ‘the purest and most potent detox beauty ingredients in the world’.

Chatting with NY based 100% Vegan Wellness Brand Pursoma
Credit: Pursoma

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Chatting with NY based 100% Vegan Wellness Brand Pursoma

Pursoma is a 100% vegan company based in New York. All of their products and packaging ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and free of toxic processing and manufacturing. Pursoma founder Shannon Vaughn created the “Founder Sourced Ingredients Inititiate” (FSI) with the purpose of bringing more transparency to the beauty and wellness industry.

Credit: Pursoma

In an exclusive chat with Raise Vegan, vegan wellness brand, Pursoma noted that:

“Each one of our products is designed to really treat different aspects of self-care and wellness. For instance, our Digital Detox (bath treatment) has become our number one seller because of the shared activity of being 24/7 connected through technology. We all experience it and we all want to find some time to finally disconnect and be with ourselves.

Our Apres Savasana (post-yoga soak) is very common amongst costumers who practice yoga or exercise often. Apres Savasana allows them to really enhance the benefits of their workout or yoga practice by relieving muscle tension and soreness.”

Pursoma to Raise Vegan

Credit: Pursoma

Our Detox Beauty Brush is also very popular—many of our costumers really want to get rid of the dry skin. Also, we believe the success of our brush has to do with the fact that it is significantly softer than most other dry brushes. Lastly, besides sloughing away dry skin, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic drainage, promotes cellular renewal and blood flow.”

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