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Chatting With Melbourne Based Vegan Beauty Brand Inika

by | May 17, 2019

Melbourne, Australia based INIKA Organic is a 100% vegan & natural formulas cosmetics company with key markets in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada & USA. Working with retail partners around the world, INIKA Organic- the vegan beauty brand, creates amazing product launches & other regional marketing initiatives. Recently Raise Vegan had the opportunity to chat with Celia Trevisani, Global Brand Manager of INIKA Organic.

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Chatting With Melbourne Based Vegan Beauty Brand Inika

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

What inspired the brands name ‘INIKA’ Organic?

INIKA actually means ‘little earth’ in Sanskrit. It’s a beautiful reminder for us as a team to keep striving for the purest formulas and best performance using the ingredients Mother Nature provides. It also helps to keep us focused on being mindful of our sustainability efforts and what we can do each day to reduce our environmental footprint.

Can you share with us the story behind INIKA Organic’s founding?

INIKA Organic was originally founded by a woman who was experiencing fertility issues. She saw numerous medical professionals and ultimately realized that chemical exposure in her day to day life was contributing to her underlying challenges. There were plenty of options for ‘natural’ household goods, from food to cleaning products, but one major gap was in the cosmetics market. Numerous companies claimed ‘green’, ‘clean’ and ‘natural’ but after further investigation into the ingredients lists, there were none that stood up as genuinely pure. This was where INIKA Organic was born and the range has since been through huge leaps and bounds in research & development to make it the professional performance, celebrity favorite that it is today.

Chatting With Melbourne Based Vegan Beauty Brand Inika

How is the reception locally in your region for vegan cosmetics and body products and overall in Australia? What is the market and consumer demand there, for ethical beauty products?

Vegan beauty has exploded here in Australia and all over the world. With the digital age comes a more educated and savvy consumer that now has a greater understanding of manufacturing details, as well as the ingredients within the products that they are using on their body. It’s this enlightenment that leads to the ethical charge from consumers, for brands to make sure their products are not being made at the expense of animals and the environment. Vegan beauty is the perfect example of this. At INIKA Organic we truly believe that professional cosmetic and skincare formulas do not need any animal or animal-derived ingredients to work. With our research into botanical and mineral ingredients, we have successfully found excellent substitutes for non-vegan materials such as beeswax, honey and ethical no-nos like carmine and lanolin.  


How do you envision the future of vegan cosmetics market in Australia? And globally?

We believe that vegan and natural formulas are the way of the future. Not only are they better for your skin but they are the most ethical choice possible for consumer goods. We are 100% committed to continuing to develop products that are certified vegan and certified cruelty-free. Australia has such a great reputation as a region for natural ingredients and veganism, so we’re very proud to be Australian-owned and operated.

Can you tell us more about the exciting line up of natural ingredients in INIKA Organic’s products? Are many local to OZ?

 We have a whole host of Australian botanicals that enrich our products, with improved skin health in mind. Ingredients like Kakadu Plum, (native to the Australian outback and with more Vitamin C than any other plant in the world) and Lilli Pilli (rich in fatty acids for skin regeneration) to name but a few.


What are some of INIKA Organic’s most popular and signature products?

Our Certified Organic BB Cream has become a cult favorite, used on the runways of New York Fashion Week and a most-featured product by celebrities and famous faces in every region. Our face range is as close as cosmetics can come to skincare, filled with nourishing ingredients and a 100% natural formula.

Long Lash vegan mascara was a revolution when it launched 2 years ago, the 1st 100% natural and vegan mascara that actually performs and creates an incredible panoramic look, it came as a breakthrough in the world of natural cosmetics and instantly became a best-seller (and winner of Glamour beauty Awards 2018).  We recently launched 3 new Vegan mascaras: The Mascara (for every day Organic goodness), Bold Lash (volumizing), and Curvy lash (curling and lifting).


For those who want to shop vegan and cruelty-free, certifications and labels are extremely important. Can you tell us more about your three certifications-100% Certified Cruelty Free with Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free Organisation, the UK Vegan Society certification and The OFC certify to the Australian National Organic Standard?

Absolutely, our third-party certifications are the stamp of authenticity that our consumer needs to help verify their search for products that meet premium standards. The OFC (Organic Food Chain) certification ensures that a minimum of 70% of all ingredients in a formula is certified organic and of the highest standards. With regards to cruelty-free products, The Choose Cruelty-Free organization is in charge of substantiating that all individual ingredients within a formula have not been tested on animals, both in that manufacturing round and historically. Similarly, the UK Vegan Society checks all formulas do not contain any animal or animal-derived substances.

What are some of your favorite vegan restaurants, cafes, shops in your city & region? 

We love the Green Mans Arms in Carlton (inner-city north) for its twist on a traditional pub setting, with 100% vegan fare (try the Eggplant Schnitzel!). For something a bit fancier, we always look forward to visiting Smith & Daughters in Fitzroy for their plant-based menu. The wonderful thing about being based in Melbourne is that so many of the best and brightest spots in town have vegan menu options, so there’s plenty of opportunities to taste vegan dishes, from a variety of cultural cuisines. 

INIKA Organic’s Instagram & media is gorgeous!  Any thoughts about the use of social media for mindful brands (such as yours), cultivating awareness about great products with ethical consumption & production in mind & also generally appealing to the beauty community?

Thank you so much! We think the key is keeping it simple. Beautiful visuals are great, but they need to be accompanied by great informational pieces and education around products and ingredients. We try to keep our channels as informative as possible, whilst using natural materials and textures in our photography.

While the market and demand, for vegan beauty products, is growing, there are still so many companies who are not up to speed about the reality that cosmetics can be produced ethically, without harm to animals and vegan.  What do you think needs to happen to further propel the shift towards a more ethical cosmetics market?

We would love to see regulations be introduced globally to discourage the masking or hiding of non-vegan and chemical ingredients under pseudonyms within the ingredient lists that are printed on products. It’s already hard enough for consumers to firstly identify ingredients they wish to omit from their beauty regimens, let alone when these ingredients are renamed frequently in an attempt to escape any negative press. An example is Carmine, the red pigment made by the live crushing of Cochineal beetles – often re-named as natural red 4, C.I. 75470 or E120 and still found in so many mainstream cosmetics and food products around the world.

Have you used any of their products? Which is your favorite vegan beauty brand? Comment below.

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