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Four Days Since Launch And KFC’s Imposter Burger Is Sold Out in the UK

by | June 25, 2019

KFC cheekily writes- “The Imposter Burger is Ve- Gone (…For now),” on their UK and Ireland twitter handle. It was only last week that KFC announced the launch of their vegan burger, and now, they’re announcing that their plant-based creation is completely sold out. Sad? Read to find out when the burgers will be back.

Imposter Burger
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Four Days Since Launch And KFC’s Imposter Burger Is Sold Out in the UK

KFC’s vegan burger reportedly preserves the authentic KFC mix of herbs and spices in a specially made Quorn burger, that the fast-food giant serves with lettuce, vegan mayo, and of course bun. That is all you need to know about the burger, and now here’s informing you the same is officially sold-out. Now, to be sad, or not to be, that is the question.

According to media outlet Metro, the vegan Imposter Burger, in just three days hiked the sales figures to a whopping 500% higher than what it would be in case of a normal new burger by KFC. Excited folks, ranging from vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and curious flocked the branches in London, Bristol and the Midlands to taste the new product. If media reports are to be believed, London’s Gloucester Road restaurant had the vegan burger sold out at a rate of one per minute on Wednesday.

Credit: @BenHadlington/ Twitter

So, it’s loud and clear, the product was a hit, and legitimately out of stock. But fret not. It will be back on Tuesday, July 2nd, the Metro UK reports.

‘We can’t wait to get the Imposter back out in restaurants so vegans can get their finger-lickin’ fix,’ says KFC’s Senior Innovation Leader Victoria Robertson to Metro UK, adding “We knew there were plenty of people who would want to get a taste of the Imposter, but we didn’t anticipate this phenomenal response.”

There it is, a schedule of the return of the burger must be comforting. Did you get to eat the Imposter Burger? If you haven’t, mark your calendars!

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