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Michelin-Starred Chef Admittedly Put Chicken Stock in Vegan Dishes

by | June 27, 2019

A Michelin-Starred chef who has cooked for some high-profile names like footballer David Beckham has admittedly used cubes of chicken stock in vegan dishes, with no intentions of letting eaters know, according to multiple reports. Keep reading to know more.

Michelin-Starred Chef Admittedly Put Chicken Stock in Vegan Dishes
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Michelin-Starred Chef Admittedly Put Chicken Stock in Vegan Dishes

Karunesh Khanna, the executive chef of the Indian restaurant chain Tamarind, has cooked for high profile names like Oscar-winning actor Charlize Theron and iconic footballer David Beckham.

And now it comes he failed to tell guests about the fact that he put chicken stock cubes in the vegan dishes he cooked, according to the legal papers, after six workers complained, The Mirror reports. Mr. Khanna even told a manager that “guests don’t need to know.”

According to the documents, Chef Khanna has admitted to using Knorr stock cubes to flavor the dishes in Soho and Central London Tamarind kitchens.

The allegations came to the forefront after an employment tribunal case was upheld by an assistant manager who reportedly lost his job after he alerted the higher authorities about the chicken stock in vegan dishes matter.

The tribunal was told that the director of Tamarind, Fateh Dhaliwal said “Those members of staff need to be phased out,” backing the chef in hiding the matter after things came out.

Guests don’t need to know???

According to the Daily Mail, assistant manager, Mafis Ali wanted all the waiters to be told about the use of chicken stock, back in June last year. After Mr. Khanna refused, Mr. Ali this time reached the senior chefs informing about the duplicity that was being done with the apparently vegan and vegetarian dishes, the tribunal heard. Mr. Ali also feared the use of chicken stock cubes would be unsuitable for Muslims since it wasn’t non-halal, Metro UK reports.

Six other staff wanted to speak to Mr. Khanna. But the head chef made it very clear he doesn’t want to disclose the facts. Two weeks past the revelation, Mr. Ali was reportedly made redundant by Mr. Dhaliwal, but the employment judge ruled the dismissal unfair. Mafis Ali will be awarded the damages £2,500 in the remedial hearing on September 23, the reports confirm.

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