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Christina Anstead Suffers From Major Heartburn During Pregnancy

by | June 28, 2019

The 29-weeks pregnant Flip or Flop star, Christina Anstead in her Instagram wrote candidly about how June went for her and family. As motivated and indomitable she sounded, Christina nonetheless mentioned she is suffering from ‘major heartburn.’ Christina is pregnant with her first son with Ant Anstead. Keep reading to know why heartburn occurs during pregnancy and what are the home remedies.

Christina Anstead Suffers From Major Heartburn During Pregnancy
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Christina Anstead Suffers From Major Heartburn During Pregnancy

Taking to the Instagram, the HGTV star shared a beautiful picture of herself in a grey-top paired with black track-pants, as she stood on a raised platform near a lawn, holding her baby bump. Christina, 35, is 29-weeks pregnant with her third child, with husband Ant Anstead, 40. In the Instagram post, the reality-tv personality stated that she is dealing with some major heartburn.

The actor, contemplating the bygone month wrote: “June has been a crazy month for this family.” Adding- “Tay had tonsil surgery — her recovery was rough (luckily after 3 weeks she’s all healed up!), @ant_anstead tore his bicep and had to have surgery (ouch!) and Tay & Bray got some not so fun virus that’s going around,” her post read. But Anstead sounded very motivated and encouraged as she stated “Needless to say … June and it’s [sic] gloom are almost over and we are ready for July.”

Credit: christinaanstead/ Instagram

Speaking about her pregnancy with her third child, who will be the first with Ant, she wrote “Officially #29weekspregant” and shared about the ‘major heartburn she is suffering from.  “[I’m] dealing with some major heartburn … but we are in the home stretch. Time to start preparing the nursery.”

Christina Anstead reportedly tied the knot with Ant in 2018. She is a mother to two children whom she shares with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. Ant too is a father to two children who he shares with her ex-wife Louise Anstead.

Why Heartburn Occurs During Pregnancy?

With pregnancy, changes occur in a woman’s body. Swelling, backache, nausea, as well as heartburns, are among a good few concerns that show up during the gestation. Heartburn, as it sounds is a fiery sensation (nothing to do with the heart) that pains the throat and chest area.

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This happens due to the leakage of acid from the stomach due to the relaxed lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Normally, the same LES is supposed to prevent the acids from rising above, but thanks to pregnancy hormones that relax the valve, according to American Pregnancy.

This issue majorly occurs in women during the third trimester often after meals and bedtime. As the fetus grows, it exerts greater pressure on the stomach, which might potentially thrust the contents up to the esophagus.

Remedies for Heartburn During Pregnancy

You can try the below steps to deal with it, if not preventable.

  • Avoid stuffy eating. Eat in small parts. Like six meal a day rather than three big ones
  • Eat more fibers like salads in your diet to avoid constipation
  • Don’t immediately take to bed after eating. Take an hour before you do
  • Try consuming natural antacids like banana or aloe vera juice.
  • Avoid liquids while eating solid
  • Avoid fried and spicy foods

Whereas these were the few basic remedial measures you can take, it is however very essential to visit a doctor as soon as it becomes regular.

We wish all the best to Christina Anstead and family. They seem indomitable. To them who are suffering from heartburn during pregnancy, these remedies might help. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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