Better Than Milk® Launches Plant-Based Milk Beverages in the US

by | June 28, 2019

Plant-based milk alternative brand ‘Better Than Milk’ known for their premium powder-based beverages has announced their debut launch of liquid ready-to-drink beverages. The line-up comprising of five flavorful variants will hit the shelves in the US this fall. Know more about the shelf-stable plant-based milk beverages here.

Plant-Based Milk Beverages
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Better Than Milk® Launches Plant-Based Milk Beverages in the US

One of the leading US plant-based powder-milk alternative maker ‘Better Than Milk’ have announced the launch of a line-up of ready to drink, shelf-stable vegan milk beverages, in five different flavors. The company is already known for its rice and soy milk in a powdered alternative form, and here comes their debut into the liquid, ready-to-drink market.

According to the company in their official statement, the plant-based milk beverages in five different variant is due to debut in the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Summer Show in NYC. The variants include unsweetened almond, Oat, Rice + Calcium, Hazelnut Rice and Almond Original. All the options are absolutely free from dairy (verified), certified non-GMO, vegan, organic, free from gluten, lactose, soy, sulfites, artificial flavors, cholesterols, and carrageenan.

What is in?

Apart from the statuses of purity as in free from dairy, and any unhealthy additives, the ready-to-drink vegan beverages will be made from natural free-flowing spring water derived from the Italian mountains. The beverages will be suitable to be guzzled straight out of the carton, and you can pour the beverage directly in cereals or in your masterpiece smoothie recipe. The company states in the statement that their drinks have been received overwhelmingly.

Steven Grossman, President, and CEO of PANOS brands said with the time increasingly inclined to health-trends, there couldn’t be a time any better than now to introduce the ‘Better Than Milk Organic Alternative Milk Beverages,’ nationwide. Grossman was quoted as saying-

“Consumers of all ages and lifestyles are increasingly incorporating plant-based alternatives into their diets as part of their efforts to lead more health-focused lives. The plant-based beverages market continues to grow year after year, spurred mainly by consumers seeking lactose-free, dairy-free, and plant-based/vegan options to add to or replace traditional dairy. Better Than Milk Organic Alternative Milk Beverages provide consumers with truly great-tasting premium beverages that are convenient and shelf-stable.”

Steven Grossman via press release.

Are you ready to taste the new, creamy and delicious range of plant-based milk beverages from Better Than Milk? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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