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Ireland Reportedly on Track to Ban Fur Farming

by | July 1, 2019

The Irish Government has recently encountered increasing persuasion from anti-fur oppositions to join the other EU countries doing away with fur farms. According to media outlet Irish Examiner, fur farms are on track to be banned in Ireland as well. The step is regarded as ‘a dramatic shift’ by the government.

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Ireland Set to Ban Fur Farming

Agriculture Minister Michael Creed will propose the government bring an end to fur farms in Ireland. This news comes after the Irish government received increased pressure to join the 14 EU nations who have already banned the farming of fur, according to Irish Examiner.

The move is ‘a dramatic shift’ in policies for government, nonetheless, the report confirms Ireland is now considering the matter according to the Irish Examiner report.

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Earlier this year in February, Agriculture Minister Michael Creed had stated the government seeks no plans to ban fur farming, calling it a legitimate industry which is highly regulated, inspected and employs 100 people, the Independent reports. Now the Irish Examiner’s report declared Mr. Creed will be upholding the proposition to the government this week.

Member of the Irish Parliament of Dail, Ruth Coppinger, being a long-time anti-fur campaigner, has already received support from the opposition for a ‘Prohibition of Fur Farming Bill.’ The supporters include Independents 4 Change, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, Green Party, and the Social Democrats. The bill is due for declaration in the Irish Parliament on July 3.

The matter to press the government for a phased ban on mink farming comes after animal rights groups Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Veterinary Ireland gave the call.

Mink and Other Fur Farming is Cruel

Just like any other fur farming, deriving it from mink is equally cruel and inhumane. Something this cruel should have been banned long ago. According to the report, the three Irish farms in Laois, Kerry, and Donegal, stall an estimated 200,000 minks in little mesh cages. When six months old, the animals will be gassed to death to derive their fur. The three farms stand after several other Irish farms in recent years phased out.

Ms. Coppinger said this kind of farming is “cruel, backward, and barbaric.” Adding, “as solitary, wild, and semi-aquatic creatures, packing mink into metal cages in groups is alien and unnatural.”

Last year’s report revealed animals caged in fur farms, such as minks and foxes, resort to cannibalism and suffer grave conditions. This occurs in farms endorsed by some of the highest names of the fashion industry in Britain. Ironically the same farms were certified “high-welfare” by the certification groups.

However, it comes as some relief that many giant names in the world of fashion such as Prada have joined the fur-free movement. Other designers who have ditched fur include Gucci, Versace, Jimmy Choo, and Chanel.

What do you think about Ireland’s plan to ban fur farming? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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