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Aldi’s Newest Vegan Quarter Pounder is a Must-Try this BBQ Season

by | July 2, 2019

British supermarket chain Aldi has added a new product to their own plant-based line-up- I am Vegan, in the UK. The vegan quarter pounder or burger patty is being launched just ahead in time as Britain welcomes the Summers. Retailing at a much affordable rate than many, this is worth a try.

Vegan Quarter Pounder
Credit: @AldiUK/ Twitter

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New Vegan Quarter Pounder Comes to British Supermarket Chain Aldi

Joining Aldi’s line-up- I am Vegan, a new plant-based quarter pounder or burger patty joins the company’s offering. The launch comes as Britain welcomes the Summers, marking the burger patty a perfect BBQ must-have for anyone looking for a healthy and affordable option.

Credit: @AldiUK/ Twitter

The vegan patty will be crafted with pea and soy protein, seasoned with smoked salt, giving it the smokiness and chargrilled flavor, Daily Star reports. A pack of two will cost £1.99, and you can grab yours at the frozen section in Aldi stores nationwide.

Health and Pocket-Friendly

Aldi’s new vegan quarter pounder will rock 20 grams of protein, and less than 3 grams saturated fat. This makes the flavorful option favorable for the health conscious folks as well. Aldi has also made it a point to keep the cost as low as possible- the product retails much less as compared to options ranging up to £4.95 for plant-based burgers.

“The launch of I Am Vegan is in response to the growing popularity and appetite for vegan options amongst our customer base,” Aldi’s Managing Director of Buying told. He added, “We continue to review our range to ensure that it meets the needs of our customers and we look forward to expanding it even further over the coming months.” 

Looks like this BBQ season will be worth enjoying. Looking forward to the vegan quarter pounder launch? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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