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Cow Smuggler Dies From Being Lethally Hit in the Groin By the Cow

by | July 2, 2019

In a bizarre incident, a 50 years-old cow smuggler, from an Indian district in Karnataka, lost his life to a fatal hit on his private parts by the same cow he smuggled and was forcefully trying to transport. Keep reading to find out more about the incident.

Cow Smuggler Dies From Being Lethally Hit in the Groin By the Cow
Photo by Emil Mathew on Unsplash

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Cow Smuggler Dies From Being Fatally Hit in the Groin by the Cow He Was Smuggling

A fifty years old man, from the Hassan district of the Indian state of Karnataka, reportedly lost his life to a fatal hit by the same cow that he smuggled and was trying to forcefully transport it.

According to media reports, the deceased already had multiple cases of cow smuggling to blame, a trade very rampant in certain Indian districts.

Govindappa, the cow smuggler, died on the spot after getting a retaliating hit in the private parts.

If media reports are to be believed, local police have confirmed that Govindappa traveled almost two kilometers after he stole the cow from a farmhouse and was forcefully trying to transport it when the incident happened. Post mortem reports confirmed the cause of death was the lethal hit and that he died on the spot.

Rampant Smuggling

Cattle smuggling has been rampant in India. Regions like the Indo-Bangladesh (with prolific traffic through states of West Bengal and Assam) border especially sees high rates of bovine smuggling.

A 2016 estimate says as much as 3000 cows are smuggled across the border each day, making it a jaw-dropping US$500 million worth trade. The smuggled cows often either end up satiating the demand for beef in Bangladesh or for the hide in India’s illegal leather industries.

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One Response to “Cow Smuggler Dies From Being Lethally Hit in the Groin By the Cow”

  1. Thumbelina
    July 4th, 2019 @ 11:38 am

    While I don’t celebrate anyone’s death, the cow was defending him or herself from what was no doubt going to be a gruesome end with no form of stunning, so the animal’s efforts are to be applauded. I wish more animals were able to defend themselves against the violence of humans, who, unlike other animals, have a choice over how they behave and what they eat.

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