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Horrific Abuse in ‘Welfare’ Farm Revealed; TESCO Suspends Supply

by | July 3, 2019

A three-month investigation of chicken farm operations, one of which supplies British supermarket TESCO, has revealed unimaginable subjugation of chickens, behind closed doors. Touted as ‘high-welfare’ and ‘RSPCA Assured’ farms, the workers have been filmed ruthlessly handling the birds before finally slaughtering the tortured creatures. One worker was even seen urinating in a bucket and later tossing seriously impaired chickens in it. The British supermarket giant has now suspended supply from the farm. Know more about it here.

Undercover Investigation Reveals Abuse in TESCO Chicken Supplier's Farm
Credit: animaljusticeproject/ Instagram

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Undercover Investigation Reveals Abuse in TESCO Chicken Supplier’s Farm

Animal welfare group, Animal Just Project, as a result of a three-month undercover investigation at two chicken farms, revealed the shocking realities of their operations. One of the farms supplies chicken meat to the British supermarket TESCO.

Workers at the Trees Farm and Brome Grange in Suffolk were filmed abusing the chickens before slaughter.

The undercover investigation conducted for three months revealed workers yelling, snapping the chickens’ necks, and kicking them in the displeasing revelation, the Metro UK reports. This horrific behavior occured in farms classified as ‘high-welfare’ environments. One of the farms was even ‘RSPCA Assured.’

Relentless Abuse

According to the media report, the animal rights group has urged the RSPCA to prosecute farms which have breached the EU law and RSPCA code. The findings were also submitted to the Animal Health and Protection Agency (APHA) and Red Tractor for further processing.

Credit: animaljusticeproject/ Instagram

Apart from the claims made by the investigators, they have also witnessed other horrifying instances such as a chick slowly dying over a course of 8 hours after its neck was snapped.

Workers were seen breaking necks of the adult birds as well and discarding them on the ground to die gradually. One worker was reportedly seen urinating into a bucket and eight hours later throwing dilapidated birds into the same bucket.

Immediate Suspension

Regarding the heartbreaking revelations, a TESCO spokesperson said, “We have immediately suspended this farm while we fully investigate and we will continue to engage with the appropriate authorities on welfare standards at the farm.

Credit: animaljusticeproject/ Instagram

“We expect all our suppliers to meet the recognised farm assurance standards, including Red Tractor certification, as well as our own stringent, industry leading requirements on animal welfare.”

The RSPCA, remarking on the incident said they’re ‘disgusted’ and ‘shocked’ by the footage.“It deeply saddens us that one of the farms in the footage is RSPCA Assured certified (Trees Farm),” they said to Metro UK. “It is completely unacceptable for animals to be treated this way and we understand why you are so upset.” RSPCA has suspended Trees Farm and mentioned the other accused farm has not been ‘RSPCA Assured’ since January last year.

‘Fed a Lie

Claire Palmer, Founder of Animal Justice Project, said regardless of labels, chickens are subjected to horrific treatment. The only solution to protect the animals from such pain is by going vegan, she stated. She added, “the public is being fed a lie by the industry, the RSPCA, and even other animal welfare organisations. Slow growing birds still suffer.”

You can support Animal Justice Project under their “The Foul Truth” campaign by donating here. On July 4th, the findings will be reportedly taken to the Annual National Poultry and Egg Awards, backed by the British Poultry Council.

What do you think about the undercover investigation? Let me know your thoughts below.

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