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Dealing With Food Cravings During Pregnancy? Here’s How to Curb It

by | July 2, 2019

It is real, and not a myth, food cravings during pregnancy affects a number of women. And nobody, till date, could have stated any particular reason why certain foods seem to make women crave them more when expecting. But the question remains, what to do when it actually kicks in, and how to avoid eating the fuss? Read on to find out some healthy ways in which you can deal with food cravings while being pregnant.

Dealing With Food Cravings During Pregnancy? Here's How to Curb It
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Dealing With Food Cravings During Pregnancy? Here’s How to Curb It

Certain experts believe that craving during pregnancy is the body’s way of meeting deficiencies. “Some experts say cravings, and their flip side, food aversions, are protective, even if there is no scientific data to back up that theory,” says Siobhan Dolan, MD, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology and women’s health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

For instance, if you’re having an urge to eat something salty like a bag of potato chips, it might be that your body is signaling to refuel the sodium. In the same way, there might be an aversion as well. That too will be the body’s way of protecting. Like aversion from alcohol.

Whereas all these are okay, but how to manage the craving? Here are the top five ways in which you can do that.

P.S: whereas, these suggestions might help with general food craving during pregnancy, nonetheless, it is imperative that medical attention is taken if the cravings go beyond limit or are indifferent. In cases of pica or craving substances with no to little nutritional value, kindly seek medical advice at the earliest.

1. Go for healthy snacking; Defeat the unhealthy snack-attack

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Snacking is often the pass to unhealthy eating. But what if you reverse the game? Meaning, you’ll snack, but healthily. Keep a good stock of healthy vegan snacks like a packet of roasted chickpeas, fruit leathers, rice cakes, vegan smoothies, seeds and nuts, vegan protein bars and like stuff. Binge on them throughout the day whenever hungry.

2. Distract yourself; Take the mind out of eating

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If you find yourself constantly craving, try distracting yourself. In that case, involve yourself into suitable errands like a short stroll at a nearby garden, call your friend you haven’t talked to in a while, read a book or spend some quality time with your other child or family member. The idea is to keep yourself distracted.

3. Eat breakfast regularly; Don’t skip

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Do not avoid breakfast. Eating a filling breakfast will ensure your stomach remains busy processing the food, instead of urging to put more in it. You can also try diving the meals of the day into small six sections, instead of three larger. In this way, there will be less time between meals and therefore fewer chances of craving. Do note you’ve already outsmarted the snacks. They’re always there if you need.

4. Get the emotional support you need; Communicate

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Mood swings are indeed a gratuitous guest during pregnancy. They might as well trigger strong food cravings. Being emotionally overwhelmed can trigger binge eating, as it brings in the comfort it needs. Therefore, communicate. Tell your partner or family members how you’re felling. Maybe all you need is some good thought-sharing or a bear hug!

5. Go for the healthy cravings, and occasionally for the bad ones

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Apart from finding the healthy alternatives to the rather not-so-healthy food cravings during pregnancy, you can at times let guards down and eat your heart full. For example, you feel like having a slice of your favorite vegan cake. You should go for it once. In the same way, if you’re craving for a vegan peanut-butter-cup, go for it as well. Just keep a limitation. And if luckily the cravings are towards healthy options like fruits and salad, then you might very well eat them in balance.

So, was it too difficult a road to cope up with food cravings during pregnancy? With some clever antics, and of course some self-control you’re well-off with anything that comes your way to a healthy you and baby.

Did you do something apart from the above-listed tips to deal with pregnancy cravings? Let us know in the comments below.

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