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Stewart’s Shops Vegan Ice Cream to Hit Stores by Late July

by | July 8, 2019

The New York-based convenience store, known for its dairy products, have announced their plans to bring an excellent flavor of vegan ice cream to all their branches in pints. Vegans no longer have to miss a cold treat at Stewart’s. Scroll down to know more.

Stewart's Shops' Vegan Ice cream to Hit the Stores by June's End
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Stewart’s Shops Vegan Ice Cream to Hit Stores by Late July

The Upstate New York-based convenience store, after developing a dairy-free ice cream over the last year, has finally announced they will launch the frozen desserts at all their stores later this July, media outlet Albany Business Review reports.

The new flavor is ‘Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup’ which is a coconut chocolate with peanut chocolate swirl. Reportedly, it will now be sold at all the Stewart’s branches after they completed a taste-testing panel of dairy and non-dairy consumers. Stewart’s, having received hundreds of requests online and offline to offer vegan ice cream, is finally launching one.

Stewart’s spokesperson, Erica Komoroske, speaking to Albany Business Review, stated about the panel, “We offered a few flavors, and this was by far the favorite.” Regarding more flavors in the future, the spokesperson said they’ll be monitoring the response the product gets, and will surely look forward to catering to vegans and lactose-intolerant customers, according to the report.

Stewart’s didn’t reveal any pricing for the late-July launch. However, the company has confirmed the new non-dairy offering will be costlier than their other pints, but less expensive than other vegan ice cream options on the market which can usually cost about $5 a pint in grocery stores.

Vegan ice cream is gaining popularity. According to Nielsen data, in the years 2016 and 2017 alone, the non-dairy ice cream industry grew 50%. On a global scale, the demand races toward a billion dollar industry by 2024.

Vegan ice cream by Stewart’s sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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