BBQ Sauce Flavored Vegan Ice Cream? Salt & Straw Launches Unique Flavor

by | June 4, 2019

Think you’ve tried all the quirky ice-cream flavors out there? Have you tried this Salt & Straw-made ‘Berries, Beans, & BBQ Sauce’ flavored vegan ice cream? It is surprisingly delicious and will leave you wanting more! The Oregon-based ice-cream maker’s new flavor is perfect for the summer and camping. Learn more here.

Vegan Ice Cream

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BBQ Sauce Flavor-Infused Vegan Ice Cream Launched by Salt & Straw

The company’s June Camping Series includes summer camp-inspired ice cream flavors. And there’s good news for vegans who get to enjoy the ‘Berries, Beans, & BBQ Sauce’ flavor, which is vegan-friendly! The company says, “modern life affords mere days to disconnect and explore nature,” and therefore asks people to take their campfire-inspired ice creams, sit in the woods and ‘get wondrously lost.’

The vegan ice cream features mildly spiced, tangy, strawberry barbecue sauce crafted in-house with swirled molasses baked bean ganache. It is assembled into a dairy-free blackberry and raspberry ice cream. Certainly, the taste is as irresistible as it sounds!

Credit: saltandstraw/ Instagram

The ice cream collection will be available in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego in scoops and pints, offered until June 27th according to multiple reports. What’s more, a part of the proceeds from the ice cream sales will be extended to the National Park Foundation. According to South Sound Magazine, regarding the camping ice cream series, Co-Founder and CEO of Salt & Straw, Kim Malek, stated they’re proud to support the National Parks with this series. Malek added-

“This camping series dives right into our memories from childhood, all piled in a van, spending our summer nights around the campfire with friends and family.”

Kim Malek via

Salt & Straw reportedly plans to shift 20% of their menu to vegan options permanently. What do you think about the new BBQ-inspired flavor? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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