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Eating Healthy With a Newborn: It is Possible!

by | July 8, 2019

Amidst losing a lot of sleep while taking care of the baby and tending to their needs, is it even remotely possible to find time to focus on your food intake? It is possible! You must take care of yourself too – because a healthier and happier mommy is the most precious gift for a baby. Find some useful tips on eating healthy with a newborn here!

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Eating Healthy With a Newborn: It is Possible!

The days and weeks immediately following birth are emotional, stressful, tiring, and heartwarming all rolled into one. Those newborn days are beautiful, but can also easily feel overwhelming. With the change of hormones, learning to breastfeed, bonding with your new baby, and learning new parenting skills, finding the time or energy to do basic things – such as making sure you are eating well – can easily fall by the wayside. 

Eat More Plant-based Whole Foods

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We all know we should be eating well straight after giving birth. Eating a healthy, whole food plant-based diet will help your body recover, give it the nutrients it needs for breastfeeding, and the energy you desperately need to get through those sleepless nights. 

Meal Prep

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Finding time while caring for a baby can be pretty challenging. This is why learning to meal prep can be a lifesaver in those newborn days. When you are around 36 to 38 weeks pregnant, start putting together some meals to freeze and have on hand as a backup. Soups, casseroles, and curries are all great freezer meal options. 

If you can, take an hour one day a week to cook quick meals such as kidney beans with salsa or tofu and rice. You can simply reheat the rice and beans, add some salad leaves, chopped carrot, tomato, and capsicum, and drizzle with a mixture of vegan mayo, lime and coriander (cilantro). You will have a healthy meal that will take you less than five minutes to put together. 

Shop for Healthier Foods in Advance

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Having easy-to-eat items on hand in the cupboard also makes life simpler. Fruit like bananas and varieties of muesli bars are healthy, great options. You can also grab nuts, seeds, and dried fruit to make your own trail mix. 

Energizing Smoothies

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Smoothies are also an easy way to get more nutrition in and they take very little time to prepare. Add fruit, coconut water, plant milk, flaxseed and molasses (for iron). 

Subscribe to a Healthy Meal Delivery Service

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As a final option, look into a healthy meal delivery service as another convenient means to ensuring you have meals ready to eat. With more and more vegan ones popping up, chances are if you live in a major metro area you will have access to one. 

As a new mum, it can be easy to put yourself on the backburner and not take care of yourself. But if you can do one thing to take care of yourself, invest the time into making sure you are eating right. 

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