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Vegan Dating App Reaches 100k Users Over Just Two Years

by | March 9, 2020

Vegan dating app Veggly has grown to 100,000 users since its founding in 2018.

The app caters to vegans and vegetarians looking for relationships of all kinds, made specifically for those “seeking like-minded matches who share their lifestyle and values.”

Like other dating apps, the service offers subscription options that remove advertisements and add additional features. 

Veggly is available in English, French, Spanish, Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and is slated to be available in Polish this year. 

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The app is aimed at vegan and vegetarian users (David Prado Perucha/shutterstock.com)

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Simplifying Vegan Dating

In a statement sent to Raise Vegan, founder Alex Felipelli described his inspiration for the app, saying he found it hard to find a partner who shared the same values. 

“For vegans and vegetarians, just deciding where to have dinner can be awkward and stressful when you’re out with someone you don’t know very well,” he said. “More importantly, the decision to eliminate or significantly reduce the consumption of animal-derived products is often a matter of commitment. Even if a partner respects that choice, if they don’t share it, it can be a major barrier.” 

The app can be downloaded on mobile or accessed via their web version, which is currently in beta. 

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