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Vegan Diet Responsible For Lack of Orgasms? A Popular YouTuber Thinks So

by | March 6, 2019

Is vegan diet responsible for lack of orgasms? YouTuber and Ninja Warrior UK competitor Tim Shieff sure thinks so.

In a 16 minute-long YouTube video reaching over 120 K views titled “Am I Still Vegan?”, Tim Shieff has proclaimed that he is no longer vegan, partially because he hasn’t been able to achieve a certain level of bliss in the bedroom- having an orgasm. He holds his vegan diet responsible for lack of orgasms.

Vegan Diet Responsible For Lack of Orgasms? A Popular YouTuber Thinks So
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Vegan Diet Responsible For Lack of Orgasms? A Popular YouTuber Thinks So

In the video he begins by naming some of his initial reasons for trying veganism including “Digestion issues, but also fatigue, brain fog, depression, lack of recovery, lack of energy, yawning all the time, waking up stiff… my muscles have been becoming really fragile in my body.”

He then admits that his vegan diet was broken by wild caught salmon and local eggs claiming that “The first night after I had that salmon I had a wet dream. I hadn’t really ejaculated in months.” After somewhat of an identity crisis, he temporarily returned to veganism before ultimately deciding that the lifestyle was his “limit” and that it wasn’t for him. He currently has felt “health and healing” from reintroducing animal products into his life as well as more “gratitude and appreciation” for each meal.

All the while following a vegan diet, Shieff has also completed 28-day water fast posted on his channel in July of 2018 where he documented his journey of fasting while only consuming water for a whole 35 days. In addition to this challenge, he has also been drinking his own urine daily for a whopping 2 years.

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2 weeks ago, he posted a second video to his channel, naming it “How I Justified Eating Meat After 6 years Vegan” where, in his own words from the description of the video, he decides to “[share] some insight as to how [he] justified eating meat to [himself] and thoughts about the victims of our dietary choices.” Based on the comments section of this video, his seemingly permanent decision has not gone over well as many of his subscribers seem to be fellow vegans.

What are your thoughts on the YouTuber holding vegan diet responsible for lack of orgasms? Let me know in the comments below.

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