Vegan Food Brand JUST Announces “Groundbreaking” New Partnership

by | May 18, 2020

Vegan food company JUST has announced a new partnership that will expand its US customer base by millions of people.

The new deal will see Michael Foods — a subsidiary of Post Holdings — become solely responsible for manufacturing and distributing JUST Egg to foodservice and food ingredient customers. 

Post Holdings is one of the biggest processors of value-added eggs in the world, and this will be the first time the company has included a vegan egg product.

“One Of The Proudest Moments”

“For over 100 years, the Michael Foods family of businesses have leveraged quality ingredients and cutting-edge processes to offer the finest products and solutions to their customers” said Josh Tetrick, CEO and co-founder of JUST.

“Our companies share a great deal in common. We’re fathers and brothers and sisters and mothers, all sharing a belief that the food we eat is one of the most important choices we make.”

“Signing this partnership is one of the proudest moments in our company’s journey to build a better food system.”

vegan food just egg
The plant-based company offers an animal-free alternative to eggs (Provided/JUST)

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Vegan JUST Egg

JUST Egg is a plant-based alternative to chicken eggs, and is made from mung beans. It is available commercially in liquid form and as a pre-baked egg patty.

The vegan egg product is free from cholesterol and provides as much protein as you would expect from its animal-based counterpart. It is also much more eco-friendly — comparatively using 98 percent less water and 86 percent less land.

Are you a fan of this plant-based alternative? Let us know in the comments below!


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