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Vegan Legend Paul McCartney Fights Animal Testing With New PETA Video

by | October 23, 2019

Much-loved vegan musician Paul McCartney shared his anti-animal testing message in a new video today in collaboration with PETA. 

PETA posted the video on Twitter with the message “Sir @PaulMcCartney knows animals aren’t test tubes, they’re individuals, and humans need to end the experiments that hurt them. That’s why he’s #LookingForChanges.”

The animated video opens with a scientist in a lab as McCartney sings about the need to bring an end to the cruel practices.

animal testing campaign peta
PETA and Paul McCartney are calling for an end to animal testing (Source: ARTFULLY PHOTOGRAPHER / Shutterstock.com)

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Paul McCartney & Animal Welfare

The video uses the singer’s 1993 song Looking for Changes, which McCartney donated to PETA to help in the battle against this kind of testing.

PETA claims that animal testing “rarely results in cures or effective treatments for humans” and that the industry “has acknowledged the failure of experiments on animals to produce human-relevant results.”

Paul McCartney has labelled animal experiments as “a colossal failure and a waste of time and money” stating that “we can and must do better.”

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One Response to “Vegan Legend Paul McCartney Fights Animal Testing With New PETA Video”

  1. Lucy Post
    October 23rd, 2019 @ 1:44 pm

    Bravo, Sir Paul! Trying to cure human diseases or predict human reactions to chemicals by testing on animals is fruitless, misleading, and cruel. It’s time to embrace the advanced non-animal, human-relevant methods that are available and modernize how we do science.

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