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Vegan Mum Traumatized By KFC Staff In Chicken Burger Mix-Up

by | March 8, 2020

A vegan mum says she has been left traumatized after being mistakenly sold a chicken burger at KFC.

Vanessa Franco ordered the new plant-based chicken burger at a KFC in London, only to realize it contained animal meat.

“I Have Been A Vegetarian My Whole Life”

The mum — who followed a vegetarian diet from birth and is now vegan — returned to the store to complain, where she was then laughed at by staff.

“I drove back to KFC and asked them to confirm it was a vegan burger,” said Franco, “That’s when the girl who served me told me it was a chicken fillet burger.”

“She then called her colleague who told me to come inside. She also said if I took bites out of it then why didn’t I notice it was a chicken burger.”

“I explained I have been a vegetarian my whole life.”

kfc vegan burger
KFC has since apologised for the incident (Photo: Patcharaporn Puttipon/Shutterstock.com)

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KFC Vegan Mix-Up

Franco explained that the manager of the store then came to give her an undercooked vegan burger as a replacement, laughing at her as he said, “You should have known it was chicken.”

“I Felt Humiliated”

“All of the staff stood there staring at me,” said Franco, “I felt humiliated and have been left traumatized due to not only a lifestyle choice but also a religion being broken and made fun of.”

“I was speechless and can’t express how disgusting their customer service was.”

In response to the incident, KFC said, “This isn’t great and we’re really sorry for what happened here.”

The fast food company added that the unhappy customer has been given “a free meal on us to put things right.”

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