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Vegan Prince Helps Plant-Based Pet Food Company Grow

by | December 6, 2019

Bond Pet Foods recently secured $1.2 million in investment — thanks in part to Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud.

The new financing will enable the company to further its research and production of a plant-based pet food that is nutritionally identical to meat.

The vegan prince from Saudi Arabia shared that he invested in the company because its “approach to production has far reaching implications.” Adding that he is keen to “back ventures that are commercially-promising and that seek sustainable solutions.”

Bond Pet Foods utilises a process that takes cells from live animals and then grows them through a fermentation process.

“Call us crazy, but we don’t think one animal needs to be harmed to feed another” says the company on its website.

“We make meat proteins derived from animal cells (no slaughter required) and natural microbes. They’re fed a nutrient-rich broth of vitamins, sugars and minerals in our fermentation tanks, without the pharmaceuticals.”

lab grown pet food
The pet food protein is grown in a lab using a fermentation process (Photo: SeventyFour/Shutterstock.com)

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The Vegan Prince

Prince Khaled has followed a vegan lifestyle since 2009, citing health reasons for the change. Since adopting his plant-based diet, the Saudi Royal has also become an advocate for animals and the environment.

“When the discussion moves in the direction of ethics, people automatically gravitate to the cruelty-free reasoning” he says of veganism.

“While that is 100 per cent true and I’m behind it, I’d like more people to highlight how much better it is for the environment. If you want to talk about sustainability, a vegan diet is leaps and bounds better than animal agriculture.”

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