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Vegan Senator Cory Booker Announces His Bid for the Presidency

by | February 1, 2019

Could Senator Cory Booker be the first ever vegan president? Sen. Booker has officially thrown his hat into the presidential race. The charismatic Democrat from New Jersey announced this morning that he is running for president.

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Cory Booker is running for president.

Booker launching his campaign on the first day of Black History Month could be a strategic move and a nod to his heritage. In a video released to his supporters this morning, Sen. Booker laid out his key pitches.

In the video, Booker walks through his neighborhood in Newark and announces his bid.

“I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind, where parents can put food on the table, where there are good paying jobs with benefits in every neighborhood.”


“I’m Cory Booker, and I’m running for president of the United States of America,” says Booker in the video.

The former Mayor of Newark’s entrance into the presidential race came as no surprise to his followers and backers. Booker has been traveling to key states and had hinted last month that there would be an announcement coming very soon. The New Jersey Senator served as the mayor of Newark, New Jersey until he was elected to the Senate in 2014.

Cory Booker is one of several Democratic senators, including Kamala Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who’ve already thrown their hats into the race for the 2020 nomination. Sen. Booker is an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump and made waves during the Kavanaugh hearings when he threatened to release confidential records. Recently Booker worked closely with Republicans to advance bipartisan criminal justice reform policy.

Sen. Booker has been vegan since 2014, and he’s not shy about showing off his plant-based meals to his 558,000 (and growing) followers on Instagram.

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  1. Marixsa Watson
    February 2nd, 2019 @ 2:52 am

    Ugh it seems Mr Booker eats McDonald’s fries which in America are cooked in animal fat and definitely not vegan. So our fantastic candidate may not even be vegetarian. Hope this is just fake news ☹️

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