Virtue Baby Names

by | April 3, 2018

We all strive to instill certain virtues in our children; kindness, honesty, integrity, and so on. What better way to remind your child every day to act from the heart than to name them after one of these qualities? This list contains some well known virtue names as well as a few obscure ones to help you find the perfect match for your baby.


Derived from the Latin ‘Veritas’, meaning ‘truth’, Verity is a bold and beautiful name. With its uncommon initial letter and its ‘ee’ end sound, this name is a nice combination of unusual and traditionally feminine.


A word name that encompasses the concept of dignity, integrity, and esteem, Honour is filled with strength and is a title to be carried proudly.


This Latin derived name has remained popular for centuries due mainly to it’s sweet and simple meaning: ‘generous love’.


From the Latin ‘fidelis’, Fidel means ‘faithful’, ‘trustworthy’, and ‘loyal’. This name is quite simple but carries a timeless strength.


This super cute name means simply ‘friend’ or ‘friendship’. Amity is perfect if you’re looking for a name that’s just a little different without being  too out there or hard to pronounce.


One of the three ‘virtue names’ of the Christian faith, Hope is a simple and pretty name. Having only four letters, Hope is a great choice for pairing with a long family name  and you can be sure no one will misspell or mispronounce it!


This name is derived from the Latin word ‘libertas’, which is also the name of a Roman Goddess. Meaning ‘freedom’ and ‘independece’, Liberty is a beautiful, strong name with some great nickname potential.


Meaning ‘just’ and ‘righteous’, this word name has a lot of power. Justice will easily suit your little one both as a child and a grown up.


A gorgeous name that stands for oneness and harmony, Unity is sure to stand the test of time.


This old school name is way overdue a comeback! Noble just oozes style and the word is synonymous with kindness and morality.


Choosing a virtue name for your baby will not only influence their lives, but also the lives of others. What a beautiful thing to be able to do! Does your child have one of these names? Let us know in the comments section!


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