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“World’s First” Vegan Ribs To Launch In December

by | November 21, 2019

Dutch company Ojah BV is getting ready to launch its new vegan ribs, announcing the product as “the world’s first.”

The ribs, which took six years to develop, will be revealed at a trade show in Paris in December. The company then plans to expand the product to food establishments in the Netherlands early next year.

The plant-based ribs are created with Heppi — a yellow-pea protein developed by the company. The brand credits this protein with creating the meaty texture of the ribs.

Ojah makes a similar protein called Plenti, which is used to make a vegan chicken alternative. 

“We were focussed on developing a new texture, based on a different protein source than soya” explained Joeri Hollink, Head of Product Development at Ojah. Hollink added that the company wanted the ribs to have the same “wow” effect as its chicken.

Although Ojah acknowledges that there are other commercial vegan ribs available, it claims they “do not resemble the actual product and texture of ribs.”

vegan ribs ojah bv
The ribs are said to closely resemble the taste and texture of meat (Photo: Anoeska van Slegtenhorst/Ojah)

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Vegan Ribs

“It is 100% plant-based and chock-full of proteins” Ojah said of the Heppi protein, “making it ideal for consumers who want to reduce their meat intake but still want a meat-like experience.”

“No neighbourhood BBQ, family dinner, or rib burger to-go will ever be the same again.”

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