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10 Moments Every Mom has in IKEA

by | February 9, 2019

Check this list for the ten most common moments almost, every mom has in IKEA.

IKEA is one of the most magical places in the world, and many moms know this to be true. Here you can get everything you need whether you’re moving somewhere new or are just wanting to redecorate a little. With locations in 52 countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia, this Swedish brand makes home design affordable and fun experience.

If you’ve made a few trips to this haven before, you have probably realized by now that your trip usually doesn’t go as planned (AKA you forget the one item you came for and leave with a disturbing amount of veggie meatballs and a dozen new throw pillows). Grab your shopping cart, kids, and your checklist because here are ten moments almost every mom has in IKEA.

10 Moments Every Mom has in Ikea
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10 Moments Every Mom has in IKEA

  1. I feel like this place gets bigger every time I come. How did I already get lost? I just walked in. Ok, follow your list. Veggie balls, a bedside lamp, and maybe a new rug.
  2. How many bags of veggie balls can I buy at once before I scare the cashier? Well, I have my kid with me so there’s a lot more I can get away with… I’m going to call eleven bags a safe number.
  3. How long have I had my mattress for? How often do I need to get a new one? Anyone looking? No? I’ll just lay here and close my eyes for a minute.
  4. Oh no, stuffed animals have been spotted by the child. I repeat, stuffed animals have been spotted by the child.
  5. I should be that cool mom that spontaneously gives their kid’s room a makeover. Maybe once the Crayola phase is over.
  6. These pillows are so soft, it’s unreal. Ok, maybe just a couple for the living room.
  7. Do they also come in yellow? It’s never too early to start shopping for Summer…
  8. Lamps, lamps, lamps… nightlights. I mean, this is star shaped and is actually too cute to pass up, and it’s discounted.
  9. A baby started crying in the kitchen department and now mine has decided to join in. Ok, we’re done here.
  10. One more bag of veggie balls to throw in with everything else couldn’t hurt…

How many of these IKEA moments can you relate to? Got more to add to the list of moments every mom has in IKEA? Let me know in the comments below.

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