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5 Ways To Practice More Peaceful Parenting

by | December 6, 2018

We hear about the different parenting styles, from being too lenient, or having so many rules, it would make your head spin. Peaceful parenting, where the balance is just right, everyone moves through life in a harmonious balance is exactly what we should strive for. 

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Ways To Practice Peaceful Parenting

  • Know Who You Are

You can’t help someone navigate through life as a confident child, teen and eventually adult, unless you fully accept yourself and know who you are a person. 

  • Practice What You Preach 

It’s all well and good telling the kids to clean up, to study, to not shout, to reason with their siblings. However, if it is a case of ‘Do as I say, and not as I do’. You might as well talk to the brick wall. Kids model our behavior, be the best role model for them to follow. 

  • Create a Setting 

A toxic house where abusive language, gossiping and being short-tempered doesn’t set the stage for your children to feel calmness nor peaceful parenting. Nix the gossiping, and keep a swear jar. When frustrated or annoyed with someone, count to fifteen, or sleep on it before discussing it. You may find it wasn’t such an explosion after all. 

  • Connect with Your Children

Kids need care-givers, not ‘stuff’. Spend time with them, instead of buying their affection. Making breakfast together, going to the park for walks, sitting and watching a movie together. Get to know them as people, and all their likes and dislikes. You may find that your bond is a lot closer. 

  • Repair Instead of Reprimand 

It’s easy to send them to their room, take away their electronics and be annoyed because they have been disobientent, but children are learning their own place in life, so next time, practice peaceful parenting, and ask why they did a specific action instead of instantly going into anger mode. 

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What type of parenting do you practice? Let us know in the comments. 

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