3 Brands Changing The Game In Eco-Friendly & Vegan Footwear

by | December 18, 2019

With an estimated 20 billion pairs of shoes being made every single year, the impact that the footwear industry has on the planet is undeniably huge. 

The search for environmentally friendly shoes can be a difficult one, largely because of the materials typically used in production. Similarly, the search for vegan footwear can often be complicated — not just due to the use of materials like suede and leather, but also because of glue, which is often animal-based.

The following three brands are working to change the game when it comes to eco-friendly, vegan footwear. Their planet-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes are a sure-win for your next must-have pair.

Saola Shoes
Saola offers an array of timeless styles (Provided)


Saola is a forward-thinking footwear company utilizing recycled plastic bottles to make fashionable designs — but that’s not all! 

The soles of these environmentally-friendly shoes are made by repurposing a substance called algae. Growing at an increased rate in rivers and lakes due to rising temperatures and excess chemicals, algae is being innovatively repurposed by Saola to create something you’re sure to love. Talk about silver linings.

What’s more, this is a brand dedicated to giving back. Soala’s creations are all totally vegan and a percentage of each sale goes to supporting wildlife conservation. That’s a win-win if we’ve ever seen one.

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Nae Vegan Shoes
Nae’s Peta-partnered and RE-MOVE shoes (Nae Vegan Shoes)

Nae RE-MOVE Shoes 

Nae — which stands for No Animal Exploitation — is an ecologically sound shoe brand striving to combat the plastic pollution of the natural world, while making it a safer place for animals. Suffice it to say, this is a task the brand is (peacefully) attacking from all angles. 

The company recently launched a new collection called RE-MOVE, which uses recycled plastic from the oceans to make sustainable shoes in simple, timeless designs made for universal appeal. Nae also recently collaborated with animal welfare group PETA to create eco-conscious options approved by the well known animal rights group, so you can rest easy knowing that (as the name suggests) no animals were harmed in the making of your shoes.

Couple shopping online
Avesu allows consumers to shop vegan from home with ease (oneinchpunch/Shutterstock.com)

Avesu: Your One-Stop Shop For Vegan Shoes

For those looking for a wide selection of sustainability-conscious vegan shoe options, online retailer Avesu is a sure thing! A one-stop shop for vegan shoes, this site boasts multiple collections from environmentally friendly brands you can explore at will!

Avesu works closely with more than 40 different vegan companies to make sure all of the footwear stocked is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. At the end of the day, this is the brand made to take the guess-work out of your search and allows you to find the perfect pair with your mind at ease.

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