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Vegan-Friendly Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List

by | November 15, 2019

Finding Christmas gifts you can feel good about spending on can be a bit of a challenge, granted. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

What follows is a list of fantastic vegan Christmas gifts for budgets big and small, loved ones old and young, and which will be sure to be well received by both vegans and nonvegans alike.

Your holiday season just got streamlined.

BEING Clothing Vegan shirt
The perfect shirt for any plant-milk lover (Source: BEING Clothing)

Super Fresh Vegan Gear From BEING Clothing

The awesome vegan gear from BEING Clothing is a must-have option in the world of message wear!

While the brand offers a wide array of super cute designs — including organic cotton t-shirts and kids’ wear, and animal-conscious totes — we can’t get enough of this plant-milk promoting shirt. With a universally appealing design, it makes a great gift for any dairy-skipping adult on your list — vegan or otherwise.

And hey — we live in a world of choice these days. A little reminder can’t hurt, right?

You can find this and a number of other super fresh hand-drawn designs on the Being Clothing website.

A selection of Luxurious Vegan Dark Chocolates
A selection of luxurious vegan chocolate (Source: Divine Chocolate)

Festive Fairtrade Delights From Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate is the perfect one-stop shop for Holiday ready treats which are not only vegan, but delicious — and let’s not forget Fairtrade. In fact, co-owned by cocoa farmers in Ghana, this chocolate brand is the only one in the world to employ this unique business model.

Those who have a jump on their Christmas preparations will likely want to take advantage of the brand’s Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar, which actually offers a design friendly for kids and adults — so this may just be a charming way to score some credit with your (vegan) honey and your kids this holiday season.

Also offered from Divine Chocolate are dark chocolate coins and mint thins — iconic holiday sweets perfect for littles and bigs alike — and The Festive Vegan gift box loaded with dark chocolate delicacies sure to delight your most-loved fully-grown chocolate fanatic.

Hurtig Lane Watch
A watch as timeless as your compassionate heart (Source: Hurtig Lane)

The Hurtig Lane Watch

Those Christmas shopping for a stylish vegan (or nonvegan) need not look any further than  Hurtig Lane’s high-quality watches — perfect for anyone who loves a timeless look. 

Not only is this brand 100% vegan and fully PETA approved, Hurtig Lane has even gone so far as to ensure that all of the items used in their pictures — from makeup, to clothing, to leather-like bags — are also completely vegan. Talk about thorough. 

This iconic brand’s simple, minimalist watch faces and wide selection of watch straps mean shoppers can choose an option to work with any outfit. A wide array of styles, which can be explored here, leave something for everyone. 

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the brand’s charming collection of minimalist jewelry while you’re at it.

Avocado Vegan Mattress
A good night’s sleep well worth investing in (Source: Avocado)

The Avocado Vegan Mattress

Okay, so this is a big one — perfect for your wonderful parents, or perhaps that person you share a bed with, in which case you too can reap the rewards of this luxury investment. 

The Vegan Mattress from mattress brand Avocado is a sure win, made using GOTS organic certified cotton and GOLS organic certified latex, and boasting 1,414 pocketed support coils. For a little extra luxury, you may also want to consider the pillow-top add-on, which includes 2 extra inches of latex, offering “pressure relief & eco-luxury” sure to please that special someone on your gift list. 

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, it might just get better, as a better night’s sleep for one can mean a happier day for all.

You can order yours here.

Jamie Heraver and An Elephant's Story
The author and her not-for-profit children’s book (Source: Jamie Heraver)

An Elephant’s Story by Jamie Heraver

A book perfect for the animal-loving kiddo on your gift list, and for the coffee table in your family home, An Elephant’s Story is not to be missed!

Through the heartfelt tale of one elephant’s journey from life trapped in the tourism industry to safe on a sanctuary, this not-for-profit creation is sure to leave an impression on readers young and old — and is a gift you can truly feel good about.

An essential read for enlightened kids, this PETA-endorsed book shares an important message in a format appropriate for kids of any age.

To grab your copy of An Elephant’s Story and find out more about the amazing work of author Jamie Heraver, please visit her website here.

Christy Robinson Design Vegan Necklace
Super cute necklace from Christy Robinson Design (Source: Christy Robinson Design)

Christy Robinson Design Jewellry

Christy Robinson’s collection of treasures is the perfect option for those who like to keep things simple or trend toward the finer things in life.

Shoppers can choose between sterling silver and gold-plated rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets to find the perfect match for — well just about anyone. Boasting feminist, nature-inspired and customizable designs, Christy Robinson’s creations are appropriate for vegans and nonvegans (and bigs and littles) alike.

Someone on that nice list not so into jewelry? No problem! This expansive collection of handmade goods also boasts a delightful array of keychains sure to be a great fit for the less adorned loved ones on your list.

You can find Christy and her creations on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Vegan Holiday Sweater
The perfect holiday sweater (Source: Talk Vegan To Me Clothing)

Vegan Holiday Sweater From Talk Vegan To Me Clothing

The perfect early Christmas gift for — well, pretty much anyone, this cozy classic pullover will carry your favorite vegan through holiday mayhem in style. 

It also happens to be the perfect item to sport to that ugly Christmas sweater party you can’t avoid this year. If you simply must see Carol from work on a Saturday, why not spread the vegan message while you’re at it?

Oh — and did we mention that it’s super soft? Made from 70% bamboo, and 30% organic cotton this is a gift as earth-conscious as it is impossible to take off. Looks like spring might be the season to go vegan, too. As if there’s a bad time!

You can check out the TVTM website for the Vegan Holiday Sweater and tons of other goodies, including the brand’s iconic Same Same, But Vegan T-shirt and much more.  

supplements from Future Kind
Affordable supplements from Future Kind (Source: Future Kind)

The Gift Of Health With Future Kind + Supplements

Why not treat your loved ones young and old to the gift of plant-based health? 

An especially great option for new vegans, or anyone who struggles to keep up on healthy eating and regular supplementation, is a subscription to the multivitamin supply service from Future Kind +.

For just $25 a month, subscribers get a full supply of multivitamins endorsed by doctors, dietitians, and pro-athletes alike and loaded with all the good stuff, like B12, Vitamin-D3, and Omega 3, just to name a few of the many perks.

And hey — what’s better than a daily reminder to the people you love that you’re thinking about them and their wellbeing?

Happily Ever Vegan Shirt
A simple, powerful design from Happily Ever Vegan (Source: Happily Ever Vegan)

Gender Neutral Swag From Happily Ever Vegan

The simple and eye-catching designs from Happily Ever Vegan are the perfect gift for any animal-loving herbivore on your list.

The bold graphic design of the brand’s Vegan Vibes T-Shirt is a sure win — with its gender-neutral design and clear, eye-catching messaging. We love it paired with basic denim or a high-rise skirt.

The more low-key message spreader on your list, however, may enjoy a vegan-themed mug to spice up their cubicle or cupboard, or a simple hat to throw on at the beach or on the way out the door for a run.

Either way, these timeless designs can’t be beat in terms of flexibility and tailored-for-all styles.

Must have kitchen supplies from FreshJax (Source: FreshJax)

Organic Vegan Brunch Gift Set From Fresh Jax

Those looking to surprise a loved one, and perhaps have a Christmas brunch as tasty as it is merry, can’t fail with the Organic Vegan Brunch Gift Set from FreshJax.

This three-pack of spices and seasoning offers everything you need to re-inspire or delight any plant-based chef or kitchen amateur in your life. 

Included in this collection is one sweet creation and two savory. The Maple Cinnamon Organic topping is perfect in pancakes, or sprinkled over a coffee on Christmas morning — vegan liqueur optional. Those looking to explore their savory side will enjoy the Tofu Scramble Spice Mix, or Brunch Life Everything Bagel Seasoning. While the former will add an eggy flavor to your plant-based fry up, the latter works beautifully on bagels, salads, or sprinkled over hummus and paired with pita chips when guests swing by!

Baby wearing Badjelly Kids
Super cute animal prints from Badjelly kids (Source: Badjelly Kids)

Adorable Handmade Goods From Badjelly Kids

Any number of the beautiful handmade items from Badjelly Kids would make a great gift for super littles and expecting parents alike — but we simply can’t stop thinking about the tiny rucksacks. Who could?

Aside from itty-bitty backpacks we’re kind of obsessed with, the brand’s designer Deborah Cartam makes a beautiful selection of two-piece outfits, rompers, dresses, pyjamas, and button-down shirts any parent would love.

The vibrant prints full of fauna certainly don’t hurt either — especially when it comes to appealing to your most beloved little vegans and parents.

You can explore the entire collection from Badjelly Kids here.

ezpz collection
Help parents save on mess with ezpz (Source: ezpz)

ezpz Homewear

ezpz’s range of innovative family-focused products can help you check boxes for a lot of people on your list by giving something they don’t only need, but can use for years to come. Little artist? Check. Expecting parents? Check. Mom to a messy toddler? Double check.

With its range of silicone, mess-proof bowls and better-than-average plates perfect for busy little fingers, these gifts  just keep giving to moms and littles alike.

Whether they’re filled with snacks, meals, paint, or other art supplies, ezpz’s range of products are designed to make life at home — well, ezpz! Offering single and multi-compartment options, the entire collection comes in vivid, cheery colors that suction to tables and highchairs, boast built-in mats to collect spills, and help kids develop fine-motor and self-feeding skills.

Mom, dad, and little Picassos alike are sure to make the most of this groundbreaking line.

Rule Breaker Snacks
Rule Breaker Bites make a great gift for teachers or friends (Source: Rule Breaker Snacks)

Rule Breaker Snacks

Over the past few years, Rule Breaker Snacks have upended snack time with delicious brownies and blondies that are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, allergy-friendly, non-GMO and — well, perfectly delicious.

Now, they’re the perfect addition to your gift list! New this fall, Rule Breaker Bites are a great option to spread some Christmas cheer, whether that’s shared with classmates, teachers, coworkers, and friends, or as a better-for-you option to tuck into the kids’ stockings!

Just what they sound like, Rule Breaker Bites are luscious little bites of brownies and blondies as perfect for snacking as they are for gifting year round. Who can say no to an allergen-friendly treat?

gift Set from Conscient Kind
The Skin Exfoliating Set from Conscient Kind (Source: Conscient Kind)

Conscient Kind Earth-Friendly Personal Items

As the Greta Thunberg effect comes into full swing, more and more people are looking to explore lower waste lifestyles — so why not give friends and family members a kickstart on eco-conscious living with a selection of earth-friendly toiletries to take for a spin?

Online low-waste retailer Conscient Kind offers a number of wonderful options to explore, but we’re particularly drawn in by the Skin Exfoliating Set, which includes a konjac sponge, dry brush, hair brush, and volcanic lava rock — all of which are plastic free and provide everything you need to leave your loved ones feeling pampered and earth friendly.

And hey, why not get them really kitted out and throw in some eco-friendly cotton swabs, low-waste dental floss, and a bamboo toothbrush to kickstart an earth-friendly new year we can all get excited about?

How will you be keeping your Christmas vegan this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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