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5 MORE Funniest Animal Instagram Accounts You and Your Kid Will Love

by | February 6, 2019

Are you looking for even more heart-warming animal Instagram accounts to share with your kids? Maybe you and your five year old have already gone through Turbo roo’s photos five times already and need more. Here are five more funniest animal Instagram accounts that you and your kids will also love.

5 MORE Funniest Animal Instagram Accounts You and Your Kid Will Love
Credits: otsphoto/ Shutterstock

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5 MORE Funniest Animal Instagram Accounts You and Your Kid Will Love

Chewie the Chi (@chewiethechi)

Credits: @chewiethechi/ Instagram

Chewie, also known as the “4-pound rescue dog with an underbite” is one of the cutest chihuahuas of our time. Between his kooky and hilariously adorable outfits, Chewie will make you wish that your fur baby cooperated enough to dress just as fabulously as he does. Your kids will be sure to love his Pikachu Halloween costume.

Franklin the Pig (@windycitypiggy)

Credits: @windycitypiggy/ Instagram

Based in Chicago, mini pig Franklin spends his time napping, exploring his parents’ fridge, and hiding from bath time. He’s not even a year old yet but despite his small frame, he already has such a big personality. To make him even more unique, he has one blue eye and one brown eye.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary (@thekangaroosanctuary)

Kangaroos are already the best but seeing previously orphaned kangaroos grow up and thrive will tug on your heart strings. The sanctuary’s mission is to “educate and encourage people to rescue and care for kangaroos and other wildlife and animals.” After seeing updates of your favorite kangaroo, my current favorite being Marmalade, you’ll seriously want to consider booking a flight to Australia to take a sunset sanctuary tour.

Rexie (@rexiecat)

Credits: @rexiecat/ Instagram

Sweet mister Rexie is so animated that he is called the living emoji cat. As a “handicat” with only two working feet, he isn’t letting his disability define him in the least. His lovely owner works to spread awareness and positivity when it comes to owning a “special needs” animal. But seriously, Rexie deserves an Oscar for his endless array of“emojis” he’s able to replicate. This one is my personal favorite of all the cutest and funniest animal Instagram accounts.

Christopher the Pig (@christopher_the_pig)

Credits: @christopher_the_pig / Instagram

Much like Pokee the Hedgehog, little Christopher is another traveler. With 54,126 kilometers already traveled, he has visited everywhere from San Francisco to Quebec. Moms, while your child admires Christopher’s photos, you can brush-up on your French since many of his photos having bilingual captions.

What is your family’s favorite animal Instagram account? Got more suggestions to add to the list of funniest animal Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments below.

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