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One Bite Vegan Launches Vegan Food Blogger Awards

by | February 5, 2019

One Bite magazine has launched their first annual ‘One Bite Vegan Food Blogger Awards.’ The unique virtual event is designed to honor the talents of plant based recipe creators in the vegan food blogging sector.

Vegan Food Blogger Awards
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Vegan Food Blogger Awards

Plant based food bloggers will be given an opportunity to be recognized by their fans.

Kevin Schmidt, chef and founder of One Bite Vegan, says that they’ve discovered many great vegan cooks through publishing the magazine and that the One Bite Vegan Food Blogger Awards is their chance to showcase plant based food bloggers and to inspire people to cook.

One Bite Vegan is calling for nominations for the awards. All 100% plant based food blogs are eligible for nominations. Bloggers are welcome to nominate themselves and readers can nominate their favorite bloggers.

Award categories are as follows:

Readers can nominate their favorite blogs for any of the award categories and will ultimately select the winners.

The categories are:

  • Best Baking & Sweets
  • Best Drinks
  • Most Inspired Midweek Vegan Meals
  • Best Food Travel Blog
  • Most Inventive Recipes
  • Best Food Photography
  • Best Food Videos
  • Best New Food Blog (must have started in 2018 or 2019)
  • Best Cookbook (E-Book or Print)
  • ‘Overall Winner’ and ‘Runner Up’ Awards

Please note, only 100% vegan recipes and food blogs are allowed to participate.

An ‘Overall Vegan Food Blogger Award Winner’ and ‘Runner Up’ will be selected from all the nominees. One Bite founders Kevin and Jen Schmidt will vote on these categories.

Only 100% vegan food bloggers are eligible to win in any of the categories. If you are nominating a blog to win an award, please make sure that they are 100% vegan.

Voting and announcement of the winners

One Bite Vegan will announce when the awards are open for voting and also the results and winners of each category via the One Bite Vegan E-newsletter, social media accounts and on their website.

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One Bite Vegan will be creating a cookbook featuring recipes from the nominees of the awards.

How to nominate

To make a nomination, please click this link.

Excited to participate in the Vegan Food Blogger Awards? Let us know in the comments below.

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