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5 Most Unsuspected Causes Of Miscarriages You Might Want To Know

by | March 5, 2019

While miscarriages can be attributed to a lot of medical reasons, there could be a few that we might least expect. Here are the 5 most unsuspected causes of miscarriages. Keeping reading to know more…

Miscarriage is when an unborn child is lost within the starting 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is devastating for everyone involved- namely the mother. Being aware of possible causes and sensitive time periods during the start of your pregnancy can help in preventing a possible miscarriage. The time period of weeks 4 and 6 present the highest risk for miscarriage in pregnancy and once week 8 hits, there is a significantly lower chance of a miscarriage happening. Some women can even miscarry before they are even aware that they are pregnant. Here are 5 most unsuspected causes of miscarriages to be aware of.

5 Most Unsuspected Causes Of Miscarriages
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5 Most Unsuspected Causes Of Miscarriages

Catching a Fever Early-On

It’s not necessarily the sickness causing the fever that can lead to a miscarriage, but can be the fever itself. When your body reaches a temperature over 102 degrees it is considered as a high core body temperature which in turn, is detrimental to a developing embryo within the first weeks of pregnancy,

City Life

A study in “Fertility and Sterility” published in February 2019 correlates nitrogen dioxide exposure (which is a more prominent issue is larger cities where there are more vehicle emissions) with a higher miscarriage rate (Up to 16% higher)

Insufficient Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D has been shown to be an important Vitamin for pregnant women, but studies have begun to prove that not having a sufficient amount of Vitamin D in your system can make one more likely to miscarry.

Excessive Caffeine Intake

Whether you’re trying to conceive soon or if you’ve already found out the news that you are pregnant, limiting your caffeine intake as soon as possible is a simple way to minimize the likelihood of miscarrying. It’s advised to not have more than 200mg of caffeine daily while pregnant.


Although it’s not necessarily stress that may lead to a miscarriage, it’s the effects of stress that can compromise the ideal environment for your baby. Long-term and high functioning stress can eventually result in higher blood pressure and heart disease, both of which can be bad.

Which of these unsuspected causes of miscarriages have you heard of? Got more to add to the list of 5 most unsuspected causes of miscarriages ? Let me know in the comments below.

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