How to Deal With a New Baby – Five Things I Wish I’d Known

by | September 7, 2018

A New Baby, Congratulations!

I still remember when I first brought my new baby home from the hospital, I had been under the assumption for nine months that things would be much easier once I gave birth. I wouldn’t have to “carry around” that baby all the time anymore.

As you can probably guess, I was quickly proved wrong! There are few more challenging things in life than having a newborn. They are little bundles of need, and they don’t exactly give back. They don’t even smile at you for the first few weeks!


And do you know what made it even harder for me, having a newborn? The fact that everyone was telling me

“Oh, this is the easy part when they sleep all the time! You just wait ,it gets harder.”

I don’t know who these people were, or what I’d ever done to them, but they stressed me out!

Here I was, getting negative ten hours of sleep each night, and somehow this was the easy part? Luckily (and thankfully) they were wrong. It did get easier. And let your friends at Raise Vegan be the first to tell you, dear one, that your life will get easier too. That sweet little bundle of need will begin to give back, and your load will lighten.


But in the meantime, here are five things to know as you get through this wonderful, challenging, delightful, and stressful time with your new baby.

  • The Poop. (and you probably already know this), but I will never forget the horror of bringing my daughter home the first night, and having no idea what the tar-like substance in her diaper was. No one had told me about this!  (it’s called meconium)


  • Sore Nipples. What also won’t last long (hopefully) are those sore nipples. It’s often much more painful at first when you’re new to breastfeeding. Do what you need to do to ease the pain, but know that it most likely is just temporary. Breastfeeding gets much easier, and is one of the delights of being a new mom and connecting to your baby.


  • Feeling Tearful. Whatever you’re feeling is OK.  Be extra kind and gentle with yourself right now, and know that this will pass. Try not to judge what you’re feeling—it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, and you’re awesome for doing it.


  • Your Love Isn’t Going Unnoticed. Sure, that baby might be screaming at you when you’re just trying to change his diaper, but he can’t help it. Sometimes you might feel like you’re giving and giving (and giving some more), and your baby doesn’t appreciate it. And you may also judge yourself for having those kinds of “crazy” feelings—I know I did. But hey, we’re human and we can only give so much without wanting some sort of appreciation back, right? It’s OK that you feel that way. You’re not a bad parent. It’s just the nature of all babies to be selfish jerks. Don’t worry, if you give your baby lots of love and care, she’ll be giving back plenty of love and joy before long


  • It gets easier. I really wish I’d known parenthood would get easier. Far too many people will tell you the opposite. But please don’t listen to them. And with every step, it will get easier. Once they begin to smile and laugh, it gets easier. Once they learn how to crawl, it gets easier. When they’re walking? Yay! Easier! So hang in there, dear one, you’re in for a long, but lovely ride—and things will just keep getting better.


What about you? Did you find having a new baby overwhelming, or was it a walk in the park? Let us know in the comments!

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Kate Timmins

First-time mama living in Adelaide, South Australia. When I’m not at home enjoying the company of my partner, our gorgeous baby boy, and our five rescue cats I love to spend my time walking along our local beaches and trying new foods from the growing number of vegan eateries in our city. I’m proud to be a foster carer for my local animal rescue; I believe that saving one animal may not change the world, but it will change the world for that animal! Follow me on Instagram for cats, baby, beaches, and tasty vegan food.


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One Response to “How to Deal With a New Baby – Five Things I Wish I’d Known”

  1. Mari
    September 22nd, 2018 @ 11:39 pm

    It was overwhelming for me, specially the lack of sleep. I simply can’t function when sleep deprived, and that’s why I decided to cosleep. At first with some guilty feelings, but easier once I realized how better it was for all of us. I loved reading your article, which I’m tempted to save and send to every new mom I meet along the way. These are things I too would have loved to know when I had my baby (minus the meconium, I knew that one – LOL). The only other point I would add to this list is: there is no right or wrong parenting method: some things work for some people and may not work for you, some things only work in the books! please don’t be frustrated over that! As I mentioned before, mine was sleeping. I couldn’t understand why my baby wouldn’t sleep any longer, weeks, months passing… Why did I need to cosleep in order to have some quality while other babies were gradually sleeping longer in what it seemed like a soft transition? It only got better at around 12-14 months. But hey, that was my baby and what worked for us was cosleeping. When I stopped trying to compare our situation to others, and lowered my expectations, everything went much easier.

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