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7 Bedtime Rituals To Help You And Your Kids Sleep Better

by | February 20, 2020

The facts are clear. Quality of sleep is paramount when it comes to mental and physical wellbeing, especially for children. A poor night’s rest can mean suffering academic performance, mood issues, lack of concentration and much more. While bedtime routines are common among families, there’s always room for improvement — and a couple extra steps could really help your littles rest well, and live even better!

What follows are a number of suggestions to help put your family on track for an even better sleep.

Review The Day’s Events 

After a hectic day of school and extracurriculars, your children’s minds might be going in a dozen different directions. Most of us can atest that, with a lot on your mind, a good night’s sleep might feel out of the question. 

Building the habit of reviewing the events of the day with your kids right before it’s time to sleep can help them doze off peacefully and have a better night’s rest.

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Putting pen to be paper can be a very calming experience (Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock.com)

Plan For The Next Day

Instead of worrying about everything you have to accomplish the next day, it might be helpful to go ahead and lay out a plan of attack — for yourself and your kids. 

A to-do list is an underrated and underused tool for staying organized. If you work with your kids to put together such a list and include everything that belongs on their agenda, they can rest easy that they are ready for what the next day holds.

Layout Clothes And Items Needed for Next Day

When you wake up in the morning, there’s nothing you need less than to encounter a barrage of things you need to get done before you walk out of the house to get your day started. Help your kids remove some of that stress by taking a little time before they go to sleep to lay out their clothing and any other items that might be relevant to their next day’s agenda.

Family Bathtime
Bathtime can also serve as quality time together (Odua Images/Shutterstock.com)

Hot Shower Or Warm Bath

Relaxation should always be your primary focus as you prepare for a good night’s sleep. Is there anything more relaxing than taking a hot shower or resting in a warm bath? The perfect cue for your wind down process, an unplugged and cozy bathtime makes a great addition to any evening routine.

Take A Long Walk

A little physical exertion before bedtime might be all that’s required to get that body ready for rest mode. While intense cardio exercises would be a bad idea before bed, a nice long walk in the evening breeze could be just what the doctor ordered.

The Perfect Environment For Your Bedtime Rituals

Ensure your bedroom is encouraging relaxation and rest. 

Add lots of soft window treatments to keep lights out and create a peaceful haven for your kids. If they (or you) suffer from back pain or any other discomfort while sleeping, consider a mattress made with those woes in mind. Close the window and doors to reduce outside noises, and make sure everyone’s totally unplugged.

While some of these habits may be tricky to build (for everyone) at first, your daytime selves will thank you!

What are your bathtime routines? Let us know in the comments below.


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