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After Vegan Eggs; Just Company Announces Their Latest Cruelty Free Venture

by | December 12, 2018

The news about the vegan egg isn’t stale yet, and Silicon Valley’s largest tech food company, JUST– the vegan egg manufacturing is set to bring another revolution in the ethical meat lover’s world, with their cruelty-free meat. 

cruelty-free meat
Wagyu Beef To Be Created Cruelty Free. 
Credit: Just Company 


JUST Set To Make Cruelty Free Meat A Reality

 JUST just announced they would be collaborating with Japan’s Toriyamas to promote the Wagyu culture and spread the well-preserved deliciousness around the world.

Toriyama family, set in the serene locations of Mt. Akagi, is well known for raising Wagyu cows whose meat is reported to have an ‘exquisite rich taste’. With a motive to spread deliciousness to everyone, JUST is teaming up with the Toriyamas and combining cutting-edge technology with centuries-old experience to create- world’s first and one-of-its kind– cultured cruelty-free meat- Wagyu beef. 

2019 Set To Become The Year Of Cruelty-Free? 

According to their website, they will combine their expertise in cellular agriculture with Toriyama’s mastery passed down through generations. Stem cells from Toriyama’s prized possession, the Wagyu cows, will be used to develop cultured cruelty-free meat. This cultured beef would be marketed and sold the world over by a premier international seafood and meat supplier- Awano Food Group. 

There are a few challenges that JUST is all set to overcome in its mission to build a healthy, well-preserved and just food system. After the extensive research and development phase, their cultured beef would need regulating procedures before being launched officially. 

For beef lovers who have to give up on it due to unethical cruel practices, JUST could be a harbinger of good ‘beefy’ days ahead. Who could have thought getting cruelty free meat from the best cows in the world could be possible one day? 

The Tweet by JUST Co-founder and CEO, Josh Tetrick, that hits ethical meat supporters with beacons of hope:


Excited about the cruelty free world coming in 2019? Let us know in the comments. 

cruelty free meat

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