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Amazing Ayurvedic Concoction With a Vegan Twist

by | April 8, 2019

Whenever I had the flu, my mother would make me a magical brew that would instantaneously revive my lost vigor. Moms and grannies all over the world share this common characteristic of knowing how to prepare herbal recipes from the past that can cure many sickness. I love and cherish the power of Ayurveda which comes in handy when all else fails.

The following recipe is like a magic potion that can ward off flu-like symptoms: sore throat, blocked nasal passage and much more. It helps to refill your body with immunity-boosters that will make you energetic from inside.

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The potion is quite simple to make but is powerful. You will need some simple things.


Filtered water– 500ml

Palm candy– ½ cup (If you can’t find it, use organic jaggery)

Ginger– 2 inches julienned

Clove– 5-6 pieces

Bay leaves– 1 whole

Fresh basil leaves– one handful

Peppercorns– 7 to 8 pieces (coarsely crushed not finely crushed)

How to make:

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The whole idea of this recipe is to boil the water with the rest of the ingredients so that each ingredient releases its natural oils and combine to form a healing brew. Basically, you put all the ingredients in a heavy-bottomed saucepan and boil with the filtered water. Make sure you corse-crush the peppercorns and avoid reducing it to powder (you won’t be able to tolerate the heat in that case), and tear the bay leaves before adding to pot. Boil the water until it is reduced to half in quantity.

The consistency should be thick, just thicker than water. If you are suffering from stifling flu, drink this concoction twice a day and you’ll feel the difference right away.

Note: This magical liquid can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container for up to five days. You just have to reheat it, preferably in a gas oven and not microwave, to keep it healing properties intact. You can simply increase the quantity of the ingredients to make a larger batch. Drink one cup at a time.

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