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Animal Lover Urges Government To Give Cats The “Same Rights As Dogs”

by | June 6, 2020

Father and animal lover Luke Martin is urging the UK government to give cats the same rights as dogs when it comes to road accidents.

The compassionate parent has started a petition to require drivers to inform the police if they hit a cat with their car. Under existing regulations, drivers have to tell the police if they hit a dog, horse, sheep, pig or goat — but cats are not included.

“Blasé Attitude To Cats”

“There’s this blasé attitude to cats that they don’t matter,” said Martin.

“That it’s perfectly fine for some one to hit a beloved family pet and just carry on driving like they don’t need to do anything.”

“I even see some people speed up and treat it like a sport to see if they can hit a cat,” he added.

The UK government is required to respond to all petitions that reach 10,000 signatures, with those reaching 100,000 signatures considered for debate in Parliament.

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Drivers are not legally required to report accidents involving cats (Veera/Shutterstock.com)

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Rights For Cats

Martin says he was motivated to start the petition after his kitten was killed by a car that didn’t stop.

He shared that his 10-year-old daughter was “devastated” by the death of their kitten, and that they only found out about it because a neighbour witnessed the incident.

“Some parents at the school round the corner from us drive like absolute lunatics because they don’t care because they don’t want to be late for their meeting,” Martin said.

“A Huge Uproar”

“You know what people are like with cats. We got them birthday presents we got them birthday cards…As soon as the cat gets knocked over and it gets posted on social media there’s a huge uproar.”

“Something needs to be done.”

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