Ariana Grande Coming Up With ‘Thank U, Next’ Beauty Line, Will It Be Vegan?

by | April 12, 2019

The ‘7 Rings’ Singer is about to make you say ‘Thank U, Next’ to your existing beauty products. If you have always eyed the Grammy Award winner’s on point makeup game, there couldn’t be a time better than this- the singing sensation might actually launch her own beauty line!

ariana grande
Credits: Ariana Grande/ Facebook

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Ariana Grande To Launch New Beauty Products Line

Even if you aren’t an Ariana fan, you probably know what massive success her song ‘Thank U, Next’ scored. It broke records after records and debuted as NO. 1 in the US. Seems like the Pony tail queen is all set to trademark the powerhouse song that turned into a metaphor for roaring success.

According to media reports, Ariana has filed for trademark rights on ‘Thank U, Next’ beauty products line, which shall include bath essentials like gels, scrubs, and lotions, fragrances, body mists, body powders and many more.

Although, this isn’t the first time the pony tail star is trying her hands at productizing the success of her iconic song. Earlier this year, Ariana Grande came out with limited Valentine’s Day ‘Thank U, Next’ items.

Screengrab of Ariana’s Facebook page

Will the products be vegan?

The latest news has also left vegans wondering whether they would get to enjoy products from her beauty line. Although, it is expected the beauty line would be vegan and cruelty free since Ariana herself is vegan, but the recent controversy over her promoting a non-vegan Starbucks drink leaves several in doubt.

Credits: Adriana Grande/ Twitter

The vegan star announced last month that she would be collaborating with Starbucks over their new drink called Cloud Macchiato. The signature drink is basically an espresso shot with milk featuring a rich fluffy-foamy top. Ariana encouraged her vegan fans to try the soy milk version. But unfortunately, the drink still couldn’t be veganized.

The Starbucks’ website clearly mentioned the drink requires egg white powder to make the fluffy-foamy part, while the syrup in caramel version of the drink contained heavy cream, butter, and non-fat dry milk. Understandably, a lot of her vegan followers were upset at the discovery who had made a bee-line to the nearest Starbucks outlet to try the drink.

Guess, we’ll have to wait a bit to know if Ariana Grande’s beauty line would be vegan. We certainly hope, it WOULD BE! Are you excited for the launch? Comment below.

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