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Australia to AirDrop Poisoned Sausages to Kill Millions of Feral Cats

by | May 1, 2019

In an attempt to pull down the feral cat’s populations in Australia, the country is reportedly going to airdrop poisoned sausages targetting to control the cat population by 2 million by 2020. The cats that’ll eat the treat dropped in the open will reportedly die within 15 minutes. But why this cruelty? Read on to know more.

Australia to AirDrop Poisoned Sausages to Kill Millions of Feral Cats
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Australia to AirDrop Poisoned Sausages to Kill Millions of Feral Cats

According to the reports, the government of Australia is showering thousands of acres of land with poisonous sausages in an attempt to kill the feral cats where they roam free. As per Mirror, the nation is attempting to pull-down its feral cat’s population by two million by 2020. All these to save the native species these cats prey upon. Officials have now turned to the sausage method of culling after already trapping and shooting the cats.

According to New York Times, the sausage will be made of kangaroo meat chunks, chicken fats with other herbs and spices alongside the deadly poison 1080, that has been predominantly used in New Zealand to kill species like rats. The cat that’ll devour the treat will reportedly meet their tragic end within fifteen minutes.

But Why?

According to estimations, the feral cats that roam freely were brought into the continent by European settlers and the same have allegedly driven 20 native species to extinction. It has also been found in a report from 2017, published in journal Biological Conservation that the cats kill 649 million and 377 million reptiles and birds respectively every year. The feral cats are also allegedly the single biggest threats to native species, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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The National Commissioner of threatened species, Gregory Andrews speaking on the incident said they’ve got to choose the animals which they love and those define them as a nation reports the CNN. Exemplifying, the night parrot, bibly and the Black-footed rock-wallaby, or the warru.

The Cull Critisim

Back in 2015 when Australia government first anticipated the mass killing of feral cats, they were met by fierce criticism from different activists and noted figures. The same was even met by 160,000 people signing a petition to scrap the scheme dubbing the same as an ‘animal genocide.’ Animals rights activist groups like PETA lambasted the idea as well. Conservationists have even reportedly blamed the government for failing to address adhering factors like logging, mining, and development, adding that instead, they’re trying to use culling as a distraction.

Killing Isn’t the Only Option

Who decides on the life of the animals? It’s us. But they’re not ours. They’re our co-inhabitants. Therefore, culling should by no means be the only resort. It is cruel.

Whereas Australia’s feral cats may be of a threat, to which the government has decided to directly down the animals with poisoned sausages, nonetheless, other measures like mass sterilization campaign could have been thought of, saving the lives of countless cats yet further preventing the homeless-cat population from growing, humanely.

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In some areas of Australia, the matter has been even taken further with a bounty of $10 for feral cat scalp, according to CNN. PETA Australia lambasted the step as ‘cruel’ saying feral cat population doesn’t expand out of anywhere, redirecting to the irresponsible actions of people like allowing cats to freely roam and even abandoning them.

Furthermore, there is another thing well documented by biologists, reportedly called the ‘vacuum effect’ which entails culling only being a momentary relief as the left out cats (or any other nearby species) would soon rebound in natural phenomenons occupying the space created by killing the animals in an area.

Therefore any step apart from mass culling and harming can be chosen. What do you think about Australia’s cruel step to prevent cat population using poisoned sausages? Let me know in comments.

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