Credit: Gemma Collins/ Instagram

Gemma Collins Thanks Veganism for Incredible Weight Loss

by | April 26, 2019

The health benefits provided by veganism (when done right) are undeniable: clearer skin, improved digestion, and for many, healthy weight loss. Much like Simon Cowell who had recently come forward to attribute his overall health improvement to living a plant-based lifestyle, Television personality and star of “The Only Way is Essex,” Gemma Collins has revealed that following a vegan diet has lead to her weight loss success story.

Gemma Collins
Credit: @gemmacollins1/ Instagram

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Gemma Collins Thanks Veganism for Incredible Weight Loss

Gemma, one of the biggest names in British reality television, shocked the internet when she took to Instagram to share a tracksuit video of herself (see below) on Wednesday morning. Sporting Misguided while throwing up a peace sign, she confidently shows off the results of her weight loss regime. She thanked her followers for all the love and support surrounding her weight loss journey and used #veganlifestyle and #eatlifenotdeath, followed by a green plant emoji most commonly used by those within the vegan community.

Credit: @gemmacollins1/ Instagram
Credit: Gemma Collins/ Instagram

Based on the hashtags, we can conclude that Gemma has gone vegan not only for weight loss or health reasons like many Hollywood celebrities do in preparation for a big role, but also for the welfare of animals. Looking through the comments section of her post, it is evident that the amazing support from her followers and fans on her veganism journey will continue to be a driving force in spreading the message of going vegan for the animals.

Credit: Gemma Collins/ Instagram

In addition to ditching the meat and dairy, Gemma has been following a very active lifestyle, training on set for Dancing On Ice where it has been revealed that she burns up to 1,500 calories per rehearsal session. So far, Gemma has lost an amazing 35 pounds since she began her healthy lifestyle. It’s no wonder why she loves showing off her new waistline!

Congratulations on your spectacular weight loss journey, Gemma, and thank you for going vegan for the animals!

How do you feel about Gemma Collins going vegan? What other stars do you know about who recently made the transition? Let me know in the comments below.

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