Basque Country Hunter Gored By Fleeing Deer — Requires 50 Facial Stitches

by | March 9, 2020

36-year-old Hunter Vincent Saubion has sustained a gruesome facial injury after a recent hunting trip gone wrong. 

Reports have broken of the hunter being seriously injured when a deer he was pursuing fought to escape his crosshairs early this year. 

Despite significant blood loss, after receiving first-aid from an off-duty firefighter in his party, Saubion wanted to continue hunting but was encouraged to seek further medical attention instead. 

Ultimately, he had to be airlifted to a hospital in Bordeaux for surgery.

Red Deer Stag
The red deer is one of the varieties of deer common in France (Vlad Sokolovsky/shutterstock.com)

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“It Actually Took Half My Face Off”

Saubion is in stable condition after surgery, which required 50 stitches in his face, but sharing a graphic report of the incident. 

“It actually took half my face off,” he said.

While the hunter has experienced extensive tissue damage, reports show no broken bones — and a steadfast desire to keep hunting animals.

“I am still crazy about hunting.” 

It is not known at this time if the deer was injured in the encounter. 

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