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Infamous Hunter Says She Made Cushion Covers from Rare Giraffe She Killed

by | June 11, 2019

A very depressing image of a giant black rare giraffe collapsed on the ground surfaced online last year, with a rather happy looking hunter, proudly posing in the embrace of the majestic carcass. It severely infuriated the internet and rightfully so. Now, it comes that she even ate the animal, and made decorative pillow covers and a gun case out of its hide! Keep scrolling to know more about the disgusting account rather proudly shared by the trophy hunter.

rare giraffe
Credit: Credit: @Animal1st/ Twitter
Infamous Hunter Says She Made Cushion Covers from Rare Giraffe She Killed

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American Trophy Hunter Who killed Rare Giraffe Revealed She Ate It before Making Cushion and Gun Covers with Skin

Last year in July 2018, the disturbing images of a huge and truly beautiful black giraffe crippled to death with the hunter proudly posing with it, severely infuriated the internet. The image with a smiling Tess Thompson Talley, now 38, standing near the carcass of the giraffe went viral and even reportedly brought death threats to the hunter. Originally, the deed was carried in 2017, it was only in 2018, the images surfaced, according to reports.

Credit: @CBSThisMorning/ Twitter
Infamous Hunter Says She Made Cushion Covers from Rare Giraffe She Killed

For the first time since the social media backlash spree on her hunting, she spoke to media outlet CBS This Morning and unveiled some shocking revelations. There she defended her passion for hunting, saying she is ‘not gonna back down,’ and she is going to stand up for what she does and what she believes, CBS News reports.

Credit: @CBSThisMorning/ Twitter

Going in-depth, Talley, then went on to mention with a laugh that the giraffe was ‘delicious’ further stating that after the kill, she got herself a gun case and pillow covers made with the hide of the animal. She reportedly showed the gun case on the show and told“This is a part of the black giraffe that I shot, something I could take around with me, and have on my hunts!” Elaborating more, she mentioned she even has “decorative pillows made out of him,” and excitedly stated that everybody loves them.

“I’m proud to hunt”

Not only is the hunter extremely proud of her senseless slaughtering, while speaking on the CBS telecast, she also stated that her hunting was actually helpful to animals when she was asked if she continues to hunt after the public backlash she faces. She said-

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“We are preserving… we are managing herds, we’re managing numbers of wildlife.

‘I am proud to be a hunter, and I’m proud to hunt, and I am proud of [killing] that giraffe.

“It is a hobby, it is something I love to do. It’s conservation, at this hunt in particular, it was a conservation hunt. We are preserving the wildlife.

“You do what you love to do. It’s joy, if you don’t enjoy it you’re not going to continue to do it.”

Tess Thompson Talley via

When one of the show’s host asked her “When you talk about, they (the animals) are here for us to enjoy, to see, once they’re killed though, that takes it away from others,” the reporter questioned, adding that if it is about conservation, why not put the money towards just conservation, instead of big game hunts, so other can see that animal? Answering to which, the hunter stated that she would do what she loves to do, rather than donating lump sum cash, not knowing particularly where that is going.

Credit: @CBSThisMorning/ Twitter

Last year after the hunter’s images surfaced online, she reportedly received death threats besides backlash from celebrities. “Tess Thompson Talley: Here’s hoping you die a horrific bloody death,” one person wrote, according to Daily Mail report. She even faced the wrath of celebs- The Wedding Date actor, Debra Messing reportedly wrote in a long post- “with joy in her black heart and a beaming smile she lies next to the dead carcass of a *rare* black giraffe in South Africa (…). “

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