British Parents Outraged After Daycare Turned Vegan

by | April 12, 2018

If you say you’re raising your child vegan, there is always going to be someone that has something negative to say about it. And this instance is no different. In England, a daycare turned vegan in a move that has parents outraged after the changes were made ‘without their consent’.

Raising vegan kids has become a much more accepted thing to do in recent times, with many celebrities and social media influencers revealing their kids are being raised on a vegan diet. But that doesn’t mean everyone is on board with the idea of children only eating a plant-based diet. In fact, in 2016 a politician in Italy tried to introduce a law that would mean parents would be facing jail time for raising their kids vegan, which understandably, left a lot of vegan parents outraged.

But why are so many parents outraged that their children are being fed a vegan diet in daycare? Surely they can’t be against their children getting given fruits and vegetables?

The deputy manager of the daycare, who is a vegan parent herself, returned from maternity leave and changed the daycare’s menu to a plant-based menu with no meat or fish options.

One mother was so outraged after the daycare turned vegan that she turned to parenting site Netmums to express her feelings about the changes to the menu. She wrote on the forum: ‘So we had an email this week from my son’s nursery saying they are changing their food menu – little did I expect when I received the menu they have changed the whole menu to a vegan menu, no prior consent or questions put forward to the parents, or from staff, from what I can gather!’

She continued to say: ‘This has really got my back up as I feel we are being railroaded into making our children vegan without a choice, no option of meat or fish! My family are a meat-eating family, as many others in the nursery. I have complained but was shrugged off by the manager who has basically said it’s because the deputy manager has come back from maternity leave and she is the vegan and it’s for her son!’ 


Although she got the support of a few other parents online, not all of them agreed with her outrage that the daycare turned vegan. One mother replied to original comment to state her opinion. ‘I don’t understand why you feel like your child MUST eat meat while at nursery? You can still feed your child meat and fish outside of nursery. I just don’t understand why you would complain that the nursery is changing their menu to a much healthier and nutritious option’.

And more people agreed with the mothers’ response to the original comment sharing that they too thought a vegan diet was beneficial to children and didn’t agree with the original posters outrage that the daycare turned vegan.

‘If the nursery has switched to a nutritious vegan diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and minimal oil and sugar and no processed food then this is actually a good thing for your child. It will get children to try more veggies and be less resistant to them, especially in a nursery setting where children watch other children eating and are more likely to try new foods.’

‘Vegans don’t impose their lifestyle on all. Have a look around at all the ads on posters, newspapers, magazines, TV and you’ll see it’s all meat and dairy. The World Health Organisation and Cancer Research have said processed meats are carcinogenic, this includes bacon, ham etc. Eggs are extremely high in cholesterol, eczema and asthma sufferers are recommended to reduce or cease the use of dairy. Why is it that there are no major health risks associated with a plant-based diet?’

What do you think? Is this a step forward for normalizing raising vegan kids?

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2 Responses to “British Parents Outraged After Daycare Turned Vegan”

  1. Marixsa Watson
    April 14th, 2018 @ 6:23 am

    They can still eat meat at home and eat fruit and veg at nursery. People are so scared of what they don’t understand.

  2. Ajit Varsani
    April 15th, 2018 @ 4:35 am

    I wish my school was vegan.

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