Gentle Discipline Techniques Every Parent Should Know!

by | January 14, 2018

The Four Year Old Is Tearing The House Apart, I’m At My Wits End!

We know that feeling, where the house is upside down, the kids are driving you up the walls. The dinner still hasn’t been made, and you can feel that vein on the side of your head screaming about an impending migraine.

Discipline. It’s not for the faint of heart. However, as we have grown in the world, we now know how damaging it is for children to be physically or emotionally punished for wrong doings, especially as a lot of the time, it is part of their growing up and learning to cope with frustrations of life. However, we do need to sometimes discipline our little ones, but how do we do so in a way that is constructive and not damaging.  Read on for gentle discipline techniques that every parent should know!



When we demand our children do something, they can fire back with the ‘no’ answer. However, if we give them choices, they are more likely to choose one of the options. Even though all options end up with the result that you more or less want. They don’t feel like they are being made do something against their will, and their will is mighty.

The decisions don’t have to be far fetched or complicated. For example, if you’re leaving the house, and they are just not accepting of everything being rushed. Ask them if they would like to put on their coat or sneakers first. It gives them decisions, and moves everything along without any fuss.


Teach Emotions

We sometimes take for granted that kids know a lot more than we think they do. For something as simple as emotions might be too great for them to comprehend them all at once. Creating an emotion chart of your kids, where they can make a lot of faces and you put it together in a chart can not only be a great bonding experience, but help them understand the different emotions. Or you can download an emotion chart HERE

Not being able to comprehend their own emotions could be the core reason for acting out.  As Dr. Dan Siegel, an eminent neuro-psychiatrist explains in this wonderful videothey need to be able to name it, so they can tame it!


Pick Your Battles

Bad behavior sometimes is just simply bad behavior. We might want to fuss and talk about ever single thing our kids do, yet sometimes you need to pick and choose and ignore some of their bad behavior. Catering to their every infraction may backfire and cause them to act out simple because they see that as a way to get your attention.


Finally, Be Consistent.

If you choose to always take the magazines away as they are not allowed. Then always do it. ignoring a behavior one day, and reprimanding it the next will cause a lot of confusion, that it is not the act itself that is the problem, but their bad behavior is dependent on your moods. This will leave them feeling alone and insecure in their decisions as they grow older.






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