Entire Family Goes Vegan After Sanctuary Visit

by | September 19, 2018

Heartwarming stories of families deciding to ditch the dairy, or fight for the rights of animals do happen a lot, but one family took it much further. After a trip to the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary in 2009, Ellen, along with her husband Bobby, including daughters, Leah and Rebecca went completely vegan overnight, ditching the animal products, opened up an ethical vegan company, and started hosting vegan farmers markets. Taking the meaning of ‘goes vegan’ to a whole new level! 

Their ethical clothing company, REBL USA,” Just trying to make a difference. Nothing more, nothing less.” 

They also donate 15% of their profits to the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary when you use the code, WFS. 

The company offers stylish activewear for adults and kids, ranging from inspirational messages to sleek designs with undertones of animal rights messages.

goes vegan
Photo Courtesy of REBL

Family Goes Vegan

Ellen explained that the family was suffering from illnesses, and since adopting a plant based lifestyle, has found that everything is better managed and under control – she also found the change of going vegan gets the most pushback from parents, instead of the kids as they expected. 

Their two daughters are vegan stars in their own right, becoming social media Instagram influencers in the vegan food community, VeganFoodgal, and VegVibez on the platform showcase mouthwatering vegan dishes from around NYC and the rest of the world. 

In addition to being social media stars, running an ethical vegan clothing company, Ellen finds time to organize a year-round organic CSA in her hometown, providing the residents with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

goes vegan

If you want to catch up with this family, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their website REBL USA, and at the Vegan pop-up that they are hosting in Ramsey NJ on the 30th of this month. According to their event page, this is
“Ramsey’s second VEGAN CORNER featuring Freakin Vegan, Om Sweet Home, Gone Pie, Samosa Shack, Deliciously Alicia’s, REBL USA, Catskill Animal Sanctuary, and MORE! All of our regular vendors can display a sign if they carry vegan products. Come and say hi! For Vegans, vegetarians, veg-curious and everyone else.”

I know Raise Vegan will be there, to try out some delicious food, grab some new shirts, and see if we can sneak some time out of this busy family’s schedule for a chat! 

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