Million Dollar Baby. Extravagant Baby Gadgets

by | March 1, 2018

When it comes to baby items, the market is awash with the utterly ridiculous, to the most adorable little onesies.  What do the uber wealthy do when they’re pregnant and need to bling out that nursery. We’re not sure the vegan balls and trip around Ikea is really their style.


The Nursery Works Vetro Crib claims to “the first 100% recyclable, non-toxic acrylic crib on the market”.  It retails for about $4,250. The entire crib is see through, so we’re assuming not to traumatize the baby by being enclosed by the confines of not being a 1%’er,  if you were to list on your registry up a regular Graco crib for $139 from Buy Buy Baby



Preparing for Aspen can never happen enough darling! Getting the latest in baby baths is an absolute must if you don’t want them having a faux pas in front of the help while getting in and out of the Spa. If you want to heed off this disaster, the Italian designers of the  Onda Luxy Bubbles Baby Spa Bath, have you covered. Cruising in at a mere $1,800. We can hear parents around the world rejoice together ‘totes worth it’

Formula maker

If you want your darling bud to experience the ultimate in coffee tasting, but without the visits from child protective services, a hospital and never sleeping from now until 2025. Deck them out with the Nespresso machine for baby formula. At $200, the pennies price will have you running to the store. While the rest of us peasants, just shake the bottle for two seconds.


With Kate Middleton having her third baby, and presumably dragging out the cobwebbed stroller from under the stairs. Your Au Pair will be taking the baby off to the park in this $2,100 Silver Cross Balmoral, while you’re getting some much needed sleep.


No list of extravagant consumerism would be complete without a contribution from Gwyneth Paltrow, who last year launched Christian Louboutin’s first baby shoe range in collaboration with her website, GoopThe £180 “Loubibabys” come with the designer’s signature red sole, in a traditional “Mary Jane” style.


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