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Family Camping Must-Have — The Vegan Camping Meal You Need To Keep On Hand

by | June 2, 2020

Picture this. You’ve driven to the camp site to a steady rhythm of excited laughter and the occasional “Are we there yet?” from the kids in the back seat. You arrive, just as rain kicks in. Everybody’s had a long day. By the time the tents are up, chopping, cooking and cleaning are not top of mind — or high on your wish list. You need a backup plan. Say hello to Nomad Nutrition

vegan camping meal for family
A vegan camping meal chock full of nutritious ingredients (Nomad Nutrition/Provided)

The Perfect Vegan Camping Meal

This brand’s range of nutrient rich, organic packaged meals are a sure win for your plant-based fam. With options ranging from Caribbean Curry to Irish Shepherd’s Pie, you’re sure to find the perfect vegan camping meal for even your fussiest eater. All ingredients are included (except for water, of course) and, with a ten-minute cook time, you’ll be left with nothing to worry about but whipping up some s’mores and enjoying the campfire.

These light, packable meals loaded with nutritious, easy-to-pronounce ingredients are great to bring along even if you have more elaborate fireside meals in mind because, let’s face it, things don’t always go according to plan — especially with a growing family and rambunctious kids around. To avoid any hanger-related issues, you may also want to have a pack or two of the brand’s soft and sweet Chewy Banana Bites on hand. This one-ingredient snack is a quick hunger-crusher you can feel good about.

Whether your family loves to hike, backwoods camp, or just enjoys the odd backyard outdoor experience, this plant-based brand offers a variety of different products great to have on hand in the kitchen — and well beyond.

Explore Nomad Nutrition’s entire collection here.

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