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Figuring Out Veganism Through the Looking Glass

by | January 20, 2019

Figuring out veganism doesn’t need to be head scratching-ly difficult. Lets delve into the nuances that fall through the cracks.

As we know, smoking is incredibly bad for your health and that of others. So too is not being vegan. Years ago, as a kid, I watched a BBC documentary on the perils of smoking. One part showed an interview with a guy in a wheelchair who had just had both of his legs amputated because of the damage that smoking had done to him. And, shockingly, he gave the interview, without his legs and sat in his wheelchair, smoking, saying how much he enjoyed it and that he had every intention of carrying on regardless. Go figure!

Figuring Out Veganism Through the Looking Glass
Credits: Fisher Photostudio/ Shutterstock
Figuring Out Veganism Through the Looking Glass


Figuring Out Veganism Through the Looking Glass

Since becoming vegan, that sort of topsy-turvy logic has become ever more apparent to me. Like the “animal-lover” who frowns as she watches a documentary on the savagery of bullfighting and splutters out her outrage with mouthfuls of chicken wings. As a vegan, you’ve likely heard “ewwww, how can you eat that?” with reference to your tofu, seitan, garbanzo beans or what have you from some of your omnivorous family, friends, and colleagues. Of course, the reality is that your food critic is very likely to have that day eaten some seriously “ewwww” animal products with a variety of natural and man-made elements very much in the mix. Like the fact that the number of vegan vets isn’t much, much higher than it currently is, this is kind of baffling.

Large chunks of humanity practice these sorts of moral ambiguity and back-flips every day when comes to what they eat, their views on animals, cruelty and compassion. Veganism has lots going for it, but this is one of the finer points of the lifestyle — that it helps re-invert some of the Alice in Wonderland logic that is woven into humanity’s relationship with its animal neighbors.

Go figure and go vegan! Figuring out veganism isn’t difficult.

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Dave Hewitt

An Ohio-based British Masters post-graduate, and ever since I was a little kid growing up in 70s England, I’ve always hated animal cruelty and injustice, and vegan for six years. The sense of sticking up for the voiceless, the persecuted and the powerless remains as strong as ever. Married to Monica, my vegan life partner who works for NASA, we’ve been in Ohio since 2015, and have managed to drive on the other side of the road without incident thus far.


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