Fired For Being Pregnant. Still A Problem In Britain

by | February 26, 2018

Prepare To Be Angry

The rights of pregnant women in Britain continued to be ignored, according to an alarming, yet not surprising report by the iEquality and Human Rights Commission on (EHRC) which revealed that women in Britain are still being fired for being pregnant. A survey of 1,106 senior staff in business admitted that as high as six in ten employers feel that women shouldn’t have body anatomy, and should have disclose to their work colleges and boss if they are pregnant, or deciding to get pregnant in the near future. Almost half (46%) of interviewers, feel it is reasonable, and we assume, they feel not at all intrusive, to ask women if they have children at all, during the interview.

With a third (36%) of private sector employers feel it is reasonable and within their right to ask women about their plans to have children in the future during recruitment.

“It is a depressing reality that, when it comes the rights of pregnant women and new mothers in the workplace, we are still living in the dark ages,” said Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief executive of the EHRC. “It’s clear that many employers need more support to better understand the basics of discrimination law and the rights of pregnant women and new mothers.”

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Sarah, a mum-of-two who was made redundant during maternity leave for her first child, said: “It’s sad to think that things like this are still happening. I feel angry all the time that you can be a mother with young children and unless you’re in a job that protects you, your whole world can come tumbling down – out of your control. It is essential for employers to be honest and ensure there is good communication between them and those on maternity leave so that pregnant women and new mothers are given the support they deserve.”

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The survey further went on to state that 44% of employers feel that women should work for a company for a year minimum a year before even considering having children. And the same number agree that women who have had more than one pregnancy while in the same job, can be a “burden” to their team. Which we’re assuming they don’t feel about men who have the same, or even more children.

In fact, 40% of employers claim to have seen at least one pregnant woman in their workplace “take advantage” of their pregnancy. What that means, is anyone’s guess. Time off for labor? While around a third believe that women who become pregnant and new mothers in work are “generally less interested in career progression” when compared to other employees in their company. Unfortunately women still get fired for being pregnant in Britain.

Ben Willmott, head of public policy at the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, said: “Discrimination not only disadvantages individuals, but also means that employers themselves are missing out on attracting and retaining female talent. Much more needs to be done to help organisations improve their people management practices, particularly smaller firms, given the most negative attitudes to pregnancy and maternity in the survey are among those with 250 or fewer employees. Investment in manager capability is essential to challenge unlawful, short-sighted and unethical practice.”


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Original Source: Huffpost News



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