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Florida Disney Resort Adds 400 New Vegan Options To The Menu

by | February 14, 2020

Walt Disney World has added more than 400 vegan options to the menu at its resort in Orlando, Florida.

The new animal-product-free options have been introduced at the approximately 580 eateries at the Orlando holiday destination.

Cheryl Dolven, Manager for Food and Beverage Health and Wellness with Walt Disney World Resort Development, explained that the meal options will be advertised as plant-based, not vegan.

“Most research shows that the word ‘vegan’ appeals to vegans but the trend is much broader than that,” Dolven said.

“Plant-based is much more broadly appealing.”

vegan pizza disney resort
Visitors to the resort in Orlando have more than 400 new plant-based dishes to choose from

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Vegan At Walt Disney World

Gary Jones, Culinary Dietary Specialist at Walt Disney World, shared that many chefs “aren’t trained” when it comes to plant-based cooking, and that staff took research trips to vegan restaurants to develop the new options.

“A lot of us are going back and relearning how to extract the most flavor from plant-based choices,” Jones said.

Customers will be able to identify plant-based meals on the menu as there will be a green leaf next to all applicable options.

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